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Super cool game! I like your approach on the theme and the gameplay was really enjoyable! :)

I never thought I could get so much enjoyment out of sorting VHS tapes :D

Like Tend already said, the gaps between the shelves could be a bit larger, but apart from that this is a finished and polished game, that was well done! Good job

Fully fleshed out this game would be incredibly nice!

The controls are super confusing and a bit counter-intuitive for my taste. But I definitly see a lot of potential in this! :)

I like that! It reminds me of the game I used to play with my grandparents when I was a child. In germany we call it Mikado. Probably a japanese game, so probably the game as the same name in other countries ^^

I think the game is a bit too clunky and random right now. It sure needs a lot of work until it is a fully fleshed out game, since the player don't really get enough feedback by the game to make educated moves, because the way some sticks are rewinding looks a bit weird. 

Art Style, Setting and Sound fits very well together and provided a really enjoyable experience. I absolutly loved what you did with the theme, because I was like "Ahhhh" when I found out what "Wind" actually did. I was expecting some kind of time travel or similar. That was very unique.

In terms of gameplay: I think the game didn't really had much for the player to play. It was a bit more like a journey. It worked pretty nice as that and you absolutly had my heart with your grandpa. It's really cool, that you dedicated that for him :)

The story and setting of the game are awesome. The game itself lacked a bit of explanation. Like Osoka said, it's better to start with one tool and introduce the player with one tool and then another and combining them later.

Overall it's a nice game and I enjoyed playing it :)

Would be awesome if you could give my game a try and provide me with some feedback :)

The visuals are absolutly stunning for a 7 day job!

Unfortunatly I didn't really got the hang of the game, but I definitly see a good potential for a stealth game. I think if you would give this thing a bit more time it could become a pretty solid game :)

That was a really cool game to play :) Nothing beats a well done puzzle game ^^ I really like how this game gives you the feeling of dodging and outsmarting the cannons!

Thanks for playing my game btw!

Thanks you! :) I am glad you liked it

Thank you very much :)

For a first game I like it.

There was an idea behind it and it was quite enjoyable :) You don't need to say your game sucks. You put effort into it and gave your best. And we all started somewhere. My first game was literally a ball moving around and collecting smaller balls in Unity 3D.

Super cool game! 

Amazing job with pretty much everything. The game concept is great, the art work is nice and clean and provides good player feedback. Sometimes things are bit clunky and buggy when jumping on against walls.

Holy cow, I tested 6 games so far and that one was my favorite so far :)

Would be cool if you could check out my game and provide some feedback :)

Ok, I guess I will never know if I won or not :D

Anyway: Cool game, really like the the idea as it fits perfectly into the jam's theme.

Good job on that one! How did you achive the rewind? Did you created an array in every game object that saved the position in each frame?

Would be cool if you could check out my game and provide some feedback :)

Hey man. The UI is a bit out of position. I think you need to change the UI scaling in Canvas to "fit to screen size" and then adapt it. That makes the UI look the same on all screen sized :)

Your game is nice. I kinda like the idea. The slow reversal and slow acceleration don't necessary feel good for me.

But good job finishing the game and you this is the most important thing in game design!

Would be cool if you could check out my game and provide some feedback :)

Nice! I like what you did for your first game! Feels great finishing your first game, isn't it? :D

The game gets a bit dull after a while, but the basic concept is solid and fun. I think more "thoughts" and a more changes on your character would make it a bit more engaging. 

Oh and another thing: I think the penalty for getting a thought wrong is a bit too harsh. It feels a bit too punishing to lose a whole level every time you get something wrong.

Would be cool if you could check out my game and provide some feedback :)

I like your idea, but honestly, I had problems finishing the game. The game is a bit too hard for my taste, but I am normally not in the platformer genre, so maybe the high difficulty is just not every man's coffee :)

Would be cool if you could check out my game and provide some feedback :)

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Great concept! I love the art style :) Once you get the hang of it, it get's a bit simple to beat, but pretty unique game mechanic!

Would be cool if you could check out my game too:

Thanks for your feedback! I wish I had started earlier. There were a couple of features I wanted to bring in, but yeah, time is a bit** :D

I saw an opportunity and I took it! 

I actually searched for a soundtrack yesterday but then I got caught myself up into some graphical improvements and ended up completly forgetting about music and sound. 

I would love to see if I can build more of a game around my core. I am glad you liked it! :)

Oh yes! I would have loved to make this happen. The time wasn’t enough in the end unfortunately ^^

Thank you very much for your feedback! 80$ is a pretty good score! There were a lot of things I wanted to build into that game, but there was not enough time, but I am glad that you enjoyed it! :)

Cool game! I like the little feature with cleaning up the table and the game over mechanic. It gives the "match 3" gameplay a nice and refreshing change. I really liked your game and it gave me a couple of entertaining minutes :)

Would be cool if you would check out my game too:

Cool little game man! I really love the visuals of your game. The art style, the music, the animations, how everyone is jumping around, it really fits together and creates a nice experience :)

Would be cool if you could check out my little game too:

Nice little platformer. It was a bit clunky but it was really enjoyable :)

I like how absolutly cursed this whole game world is :D

Feel free to check out my game, I would appreciate it :)

Holy shit! Incredible how fast you made that game! Did you worked 3 full days on it or half days?

That is some serious nice work you got there guys, I really enjoyed my stay in Chez Manu :D

Feel free to check out my game too:

But honestly, I feel nearly ashamed to ask you to try out my little game :p

Hey man! Reached 31 on hard+

Good job, I enjoy the core of the game. It's nothing revolutionary, but it gave me a good time :)

A few things I like to mention:

First: It's a bit weird, that you lose when you move your cup into a raindrop, because normally it would not go into the cup if you know what I mean. Maybe just make the collider for it on top of the cup or something.

Second: I think the sound of rain would enhance the experience greatly! But I don't blame you, I have no sound in my project too ^^

Third: I don't know how spilling works in your game and I think it would be good to provide the player with some kind of feedback how close he is/was to spill his coffee.

Forth: I would highly appreciate if you test out my little game

Hey man! Great game guys! I like what you guys build there, especially since I really like tycoon games. I wanted to do one too for this game jam, but I thought it would be maybe a bit too much work. I ended up making a coffee making simulator thing, you may want to check it out:

Feedback for your game: I figured out that you can rotate things with R in the comments. Definitly add that somewhere, since it is intuitive in a game, but you can never know what features are implemented in a game jam. 

I really like the transition between build and customer mode. In general I think this game would look super nice in polished graphics! 

I think you did a really nice job in building around your core and I can see definitly see potential in this to be something pretty awesome of you continue it!

It is a cool little puzzle game! I liked it :)

It is not a beauty, but for me gameplay is more important than graphics. I find it was a bit short, but since it is made in 6 days it is totally fine! 

Your first levels were really well designed. You introduced the player slowly all game mechanics. A first level, where they can get used to the controls, then how the chop mechanic works and so on, good job there.

Keep it up buddy!

Sorry, I took so long to reply. I had some internet issues, so I was unable to look after your game. I will give it a look now!

Hey Marlowololo! 

Thank you for your feedback :) 

I will consider it for the next update. 

It feels so good to read, that you liked it:)