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thank you for your kind words and thanks for playing! 

Hi everyone, I'm Yames (he/him) I'm excited to jam on some games with you all! I've been using gamemaker studio 2 for about 1-2 years (I think? maybe less!) but I used Godot before that. I come from a music background, but I recently have been more interested in visual art (I love pixel art! especially 1-bit pixel art!) I'm really looking forward to seeing what everybody comes up with! Here's my twitter if anyone is interested in lookin at my pixels (!!some of my stuff is kinda scary though!!)  

Good luck everyone!

Hey whelp thanks for your comment and thanks for playing! I'll definitely check out the "T for Tutorial" thing, I swear I had it working before, oh well. And thanks for the follow!

Thank you and thanks for the advice! I'm definitely considering finishing it. 

Thank you! Yeah  I ought to probably make accessing the tutorial more easy, or put the page at the beginning of the game or somesuch. But thank you for playing!

Thanks so much!


Thanks for playing!

Thank you!

That boss battle was really cool. Also enjoyed the frenetic pace of the game overall. Good job!

Nice. I always like talkative skulls. Also! I feel your pain about the people who you fall asleep to raising their voices and disturbing your sleep. Very relatable. Well done!

I'll echo our host: great sound and graphics, I think you nailed what you were going for.   Also I agree with the end text in that I think making art that is personal and self-reflective can definitely be a form of self-care. Well done!

Wow! You did a lot with the given week's time. Very ambitious! I like you interpreted the theme too. Kudos!

It felt very, very good to pick up all the trailing hearts. Like very satisfying in a way that is hard to describe. Good job!

Everything about this is cool, I particularly loved the visuals tho. Excellent work!

Really cool! Made my head spin. Also, I love all the art, and the player character's design. Nice job!

Nice game, made me smile. Keep moving forward and keep making stuff! 

This was cool. I like the player character's design and their jaunty walk cycle. 

I got sad when the bucket cried ; - ;

I really like the concept, you could probably expand this even more, if you wanted too. Made me chuckle as well.

Touching and bittersweet. I personally hate looking at old stuff just because I want to avoid those feelings, so like, this made me reconsider my relationship to the past. Good job on your first game!

I liked the humor in this a lot, I chuckled to myself quite a bit. You could definitely expand this out into something larger, I think. Also, it kind of reminds me of Passpartout (a game I like a lot) if you’ve played that. Props!

Made my chest tighten. Powerful use of space. Good job.

I know these feelings, maybe. I can relate at least. Well done.

You made me feel a lot with a little.

Powerful. I think the neatest thing about this was how it kept slipping between having a narrative that was its own but then also becoming confessional and/or reflective piece of work. Good job, and hang in there!

The atmosphere of this game is very powerful. My favorite little bit is the game over screen text, probably, or maybe the music. Well done!

I also cannot enjoy television. Good representation of how life becomes a matter of “Going Through The Motions” when you are not feeling up to the task of living ( and how it's very hard to do so!).  Relatable.

A fun game and a treatise on perspective and human communication. Gave me vertigo. A little scary.

Thank you for playing! I watched and subbed, glad you liked it!

Great artwork, very charming. I really like how death/dying is handled too! 

Hi, yeah, it was actually supposed to crash, I uploaded a revised ending that hopefully makes a little more sense though, if you're interested. Thank you for playing!

Hi, thank you for playing! Yeah that was actually the ending, it's not very long I know (I didn't plan well for this jam!) I uploaded a revision that hopefully makes a little more sense, it's still basically just as short though.

Thanks for this

Almost got to 100. Almost.