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Are 2d games allowed in this jam?

I'm asking because they weren't allowed in the previous jam.

that's a really cool and original concept , love it<3. i just think that the game gets a bit repetitive after a few levels but overall great game

love it <3

it looks and feels so great! , but sounds didn't play for some reasons :(

I like the idea but i couldn't play it because i couldn't see the dieces on the left ,they where outside my screen :(

yeah it has that luck thing in it haha. thanks for playing<3

sorry I didn't realize that the linux build support is not installed until the last few minutes. glad you like it

yup luck is a thing in dice games, the idea is that you can stack time by doing good when you have a good luck, so when your luck is bad you don't lose. thanks for playing<3

thanks for the feedback! yeah i agree with you ,I updated the description to make it more clear for now

That's unfortunate:(

Well the tutorial is really good, but i guess there are other simpler ways to make a teleportation system in a 2d space, so my question is:

Can we make a 2d game for this jam? if yes, is it a must to follow the tutorial code or can we use another way to code the teleportation system?

thanks in advance

simple ,fun, well polished and a cool idea

very good game!

fun game with cool concept and i love the art

cool idea and a pretty fun game!

pretty fun and unique game!

fits the theme, nice story, interesting concept

great game!

cool idea , nice presentation, fits the theme really well!! 

great game!

great idea ,fits the theme very well!

amazing game overall

nice simple puzzle game,

great mechanic!

love it

great concept for the theme , 

challenging game 

so much fun i like it!

smart concept , great game!

nice concept and art, great idea!

good job!

nice art and music, cool simple concept !

love it

i had fun playing this game , name of the city is amazing haha

great job!

amazing presentation, fun concept!

this game is beautiful

great concept ,it fits the theme very well

had a lot of fun playing! 

good luck on your next project

i don't have a controller haha

looks really good though,

good job!

nice concept and presentation,

very fun!

so funny haha , love it !

really good gameplay with simple graphics 

i love it!

great idea! i reached lvl 5 and had so much fun!

great concept and really fun to play

nice game!

nice graphics , game fits the theme really well!

amazing work!

so original , love it

nice and fun concept , maybe a little bit hard

nice work!

amazing concept , i had a ton of fun playing!

great work!