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Pretty nice game.

I loved the original art style. And the cutscene at the start was great. The voice over was cool too. But. The second level was insanely hard.I was there for 15+ minutes. I would add some checkpoints so dying in not so punishing. The third level was pretty great not too hard not to easy. 

4. level. It was great until I fell down and got stuck there. I just didn't want to do the 2. lever again, so I quitted.

I would improve the ground check system, If I am on the edge of the platform with heels still touching I can't jump.

Other than that, great job for the limited time you had. Keep it up.


I was made to confuse the hack out of everyone :D

 I will play your game when my WiFi starts working (have download 0.4mbps (help)) I am using mobile data right now ;D 

At first the controls felt unresponsive and laggy, but I got used to it. 

The game itself was fun. And with unique graphics.

With the heart pick-up you got me.. I thought it was a BUG :D

Thanks. The atmosphere is very interesting. For the ambient noise I just recorded "welcome" and applied effects and paulstretch it. It was totally an accident, but good one.

Thanks :D Glad you enjoyed it.

Nicely done. It was fun but too hard for me xD
Great job.

Yeah. Pretty great game. 
Sometimes, in the web build, the wrong colored bullets pass through the enemy. 
I really liked the music.
Great job.

Thanks ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

1d shooter sounds very interesting , definitely will try it.

Yeah.. I wanted the player to focus mainly on the health and when I gererated the first "family" with all stats it was just to much information at once so I hid the stats. Also the stats are the same in the beginning of the game except the health so another reason why I hid them.

Thanks ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

Oh ... Yeah I forgot to reset the day variable .. ops ... but thanks ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

Thanks, I put extra effort to the UI animations so it is nice to know, it paid of. :D

Thanks :D

I couldn't move but I managed to fill the entire screen :D. 

Great concept, it would be nice incremental game.

I wanted to go from the top orange one to the white planet, so I can clear the color from brown, but I missed and flew to the corner. So it was in many ways just a lucky shoot :D

Very good innovative  game. At first I didn't understand the color table but then it clicked :D Relaxing fun game only when I didn't launched myself to infinity :D Had great experience.

And i find a bug probably:

There is planet hitbox in the corner.

Great work.

Thanks for those kind words <3

 I will surely play your game as soon as I can. 

Very nice game. Art is great, controls are good. And the game mechanic felt satisfying. When I got 5 planets and almost no fuel, it was so nice when I made it in time. Upgrades meant something and that is also great. Only one thing, the enemies. There was only one at start and I never encounter another one. So I restarted the game and didnt kill the first one. Then at least 6 spawned. For some reason all of them dissapierd after few seconds and I didnt see more after. 

Keep up the great work.
Also try my game:

I personally loved the random gunshots. It felt alive to me. Art was amazing and consistent. Only one thing,  in the second world you have, I think, badly placed collider on the edge block.

The one thing that stood out for me was the main character. I don't know why but it felt really great, looked great and as I mentioned the gunshots felt amazing to me. Simple but alive.

On the other hand the background could use bit of work. With your pixel skills it should be easy.

Great work

Thanks for playing it. It means a lot for me. <3

Thanks for the review.

I love programming so I thought that this would be piece of cake, but again I overshooted it a little. I never did anything like this so it was challenging in many ways.I created so many variables I almost got lost in them.   Yes. elfs I never used that word in English before and I did Google it, but it was after the end of the Jam so I couldn't fix that :D

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Thanks for the review.

That maybe was me ;D I finished AI like day before the end and I didn't have any UI or sounds :D

I am always trying to be consistent with my work, bcause I don't know how to draw or model something nice looking without it being pixel art or voxel model :D

Great game. Nice visuals and the game over title, when they just flew smothly as I died, that was great. Only one thing and that is the resolution. Was it supposed to be for mobiles ?
My best run was 57,32,5 "resources" I just couldn't make more than that :D
Keep up the great work.
Also try my game:

Pretty innovative mechanics. However they felt unpolished because of the annoying collisions. I personally use in these situations physic material with 0 friction, then it slides along and feels polished. Great work. Keep it up.

Also check my submition:

This game have a lot of potential. Need bit more polishing. It would be nice if you restart the level when player dont have enough planets to finish the level.  
Keep up the great work.
Also check my submition:

I will say this. The man-made levels and the generated ones felt the same to me. Only difference: the load time. You could take that as insult of your level design or as praise of the generator :D Nevertheless great work.

Great game. The movement felt really great. Just sometimes I hit the planet orbit. Are all these levels random or just the last ones ?

This art style is some what compeling :D But the gameplay need a lot of work. If this is really your first game in unity... you could do A lot in few months.

You are so passionate about this game. That is great.  :D Just you know, I did have only normal at first but when I finished it, the extreme mode stayed unlocked even when I reloaded the web page.

Fun quick game with great looking models. Little choppy in browser. Great work.

WTF  was that extreme mode :D  Great INTENCE game :D

Ok.. This is good game so far... I raged in second level after like 50 deaths. The double jump felt little responsive sometimes. Too hardcore for me.

Thanks a lot for playing it :D

Great controls and combat. It really felt like I am in the space dogfight. And overall a great game. Nice work.

THAT IS AWESOME thank you sooo much for playing it. I am glad that you liked it so much that you invested that much time in all the endings <3

Awesome puzzle game. I felt freedom in what I am doing, like there is more then one way to solve each puzzle. I learned the mechanics well in those simple introductory levels, and that is great. Only thing is that I found the controls a bit weird. Maybe try using mouse wheel to change the objects size like you change weapons in shooters. Nice work, keep it up.

Cool game, the directional gravity levels were interesting.

Thanks for the honest review.
The funny thing is that the generation of the world was created in 1,5 days. I spended way more time on the player :D  but I was playing with it so much I mised the missing/bad things.

Thanks for the review
Yeah I made the enemies little harder :D And the game, when you know what you are doing, you can finish it in 10 min. ,but that is almost speedrun time :D In fist chest in every world you get one symbol that is shown in ESC menu. When you get all 7 you just write those symbols in the Gate panel and it will send you there.