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All of the game was pretty good, but the boss fight was so random. When i died in the boss fight, it was due to bad spawns of the 'nut shaped' enemies. Those things spawn so much and are so fast that you're basically forced to take damage. The rest of the game felt too easy because of how much health the character had. 

Other than those downsides, it is worth the time to play, especially compared to other games you have made.

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The attacks from most obstacles are badly telegraphed or not telegraphed at all, so you just run into them without knowing. Apart from that tiny hiccup, the game is amazing and i can't wait to get the full thing.

Great game

Also, the answer to your question is...

No :'(

Pretty quick experience and kind of a by-the-books small horror gameplay, but it was still well made and was decently paced (for the amount of time that is). I will definitely be watching out for any other experiences made by you.

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I felt like there was a message in the game,  but i have no idea what the game was trying to tell me about suffering.

The noises were good until the end, like am i just suppose to keep my headphones on for 20 seconds with that high-pitched sound, which was extremely loud compared to the other sounds in the game?

I didn't feel like i was trying to go somewhere and i didn't feel like i was getting chased or any other scary feeling throughout the entire experience.

The visuals are actually really good, i have to admit, and if the ending was better executed, and the rest of the game led up to it well, the end would actually be amazing.

To add on, the choices seem to not matter, replaying feels like a waiting game with no more to do other than walk around and the throw-up images of vaguely scary things mean nothing.

It's so well made and yet so badly thought out. I wish this game had actual substance, but the visuals tricked me into thinking so.

But it is free so play it anyways lololol.

I will look out for any other games this developer makes, since they do have potential.