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so the takedown wasnt because of konami?

if anyone is still stuck at the part where the bathroom door slightly opens with the sound of a baby crying, it took me a while but just stand and look directly at the crack in the door and zoom in to it. i stayed zoomed into it for a good 10-20 seconds until lisa pulled it shut.

try pressing f11 on your keyboard or alt+enter. i dont know about you but f11 worked for me. im playing it in fullscreen

alright, thx for replying.

just got a new pc, but im really hesitant on actually launching it up. ive scanned the file multiple times with anti-virus programs but i still get hesistant when my computer warns me because its an unofficial game and doesnt recognize it. has anyone experienced anything weird with this file? just trying to make extra sure that this isnt gonna fuck me over.