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okay I loved it but how come I ended up with infinity Orchard Guardians and 9 Earthworms on my team by the end of this game????????????????????????

wow, what a great game! Hidden gem, pick it up!

So cute!

Really enjoying the game so far! I've beaten it twice so far. Definitely the best items are the blenders, which combine all your attack/defense items. Grabbers never seem to go for these, even though they are ridiculously good. High attack seems like the way to go, though you have to also have a bit of defense. I love how organically the card layout becomes in your inventory.

I wish there was some incentive to play further games though. I beat it twice just to see if there was any new cutscenes or anything, and I know that there's a last level which isn't available yet, but once I beat the game it didn't really feel like there was any reason to play it a second time or a third, other than just for fun, which, don't get me wrong, it's totally fun and worth the money, and I don't know what could be added to improve replay ability. Maybe special cards that you unlock like in Binding of Isaac for playing through as certain characters? Or just minor aesthetic additions like a silly cowboy hat or something?

Overall totally a fun time. Had a bunch of false starts but didn't find it insanely punishing or overly easy.