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Deep Sea Ichor Punk

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The controls were listed on the game's full page, I didn't think about listing them here until I saw your comment Bakewell.
If you still are to try out the game they're below:

  • Movement: WASD
  • Shoot: J (Also Skip cut scenes and choose menu options.)
  • Close: ESC

Awesome game, definitely feels like there was some time spent polishing it unlike my own game. (probably because I cramed most of my work into the last 3 days... but it was also the first project I had 'completed' [since it's technically not complete yet...] ;) )

This was a pretty cool concept, knowing a little bit about morse code is definitely required but it's sort of like a text based adventure game if you could only input with a telegraph. a quick reference in how to type NSWE and F would of been nice but it isn't 100% needed

Very nicely put together, having the music just keep playing when you die is a nice touch because you're not constantly restarting the music track if you suck at the game.

As far as the look I would assume these were higher res sprites that were scaled down to look how they do? either way they looked really nice and smooth.
The transition from the menu, to game, to game over was really smoother and there wasn't anything jarring about it.

Thanks for playing guys,

As you mentioned axial_shift it is a tad bit hard and that comes from a lot of the randomness involved in how I spawn the enemies. I was in a bit of a rush when adding the health system so I didn't have time to display a health bar. And it's something I plan on expanding apon.

After releasing this I have beaten the first level a few times but it definitely takes some luck which I hope to make less of the case later on.

Known Issues:

  • Boss has 2 health rather than 10... forgot to change a value during my testing.

This is pretty sick man, It'd play a little better if the enemies were lighter on the dark background just so they could be seen from further away but you can tell there was a bunch of work put into this.

Pretty awesome not something I could pull off in two weeks.

This is pretty insane looking for a 64x64 game just sayin'.

I'll definitely be checking this out later tonight. it seems like an awesome concept even if it isn't 100% done. Will update later with my thoughts ;)

You still got plenty of time lol, keep working at it. Tonight I plan on at least setting up static enemies I can punch (I'm also cheating and using an engine I'm not sure if you're using sfml and some other stuff I'm using Orx since it's really easy)

Currently I have Basic character movement down (jumping walking left, right, up and down on the field.) set up. As well as Camera Scrolling with the player.

I also have tomorrow's plans typed up in Trello.

Unfortunately it seems like I may not have another artist to do work for this game right now :/ so I'll do my best to sketch things up with my mouse! xD it'll be terrible but don't worry about it we'll get something done at least.

Current Screens:

Trello Plans:

Hey at least it sounds like you've been working lol. I have basic character movement set up and a terribly drawn stand in character lol.

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I'll be starting work on the game with my artist tonight after I get off from my full time job.


orx, c++ engine. (

Aseprite, for sprites

Gimp for other art

Lmms/Guitar pro 6 for some midi fun.

Bfxr, for other sound effects. (

I currently use codelite with mingw 5.3.0 dw2. As my IDE & compiler of choice if you were wondering.

Next update will be soon :P

Sounds freakin' awesome!!!

So with the random idea generator we're allowed to type anything into the seed and use what comes out in the upcoming jam right? (I probably could of checked before posting the idea I got but it's pretty awesome)

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Random game seed: I don't want to live on this planet any more

Random game idea: A brawler game where you kiss skeletons in a virtual railroad led by the most ridiculous misguided gazelle.

Qualifiers: Genre was locked on brawler.

Title: Skeleton Smoocher

Old Idea: A brawler game where you kiss skeletons in a virtual railroad led by the most ridiculous misguided gazelle

Adjusted Idea: A brawler game where you kiss skeletons on a virtual train led by the most ridiculous misguided gazelle.

I feel I could do that verbatim depends on if I have an artist if not I'll think of something... I sure was surprised when I put a seed like that in xD.