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Ffs How the fuck do I use the tongue in this fucking game?! 😂😫

how do you use the tongue? I tried asking to the developer and they responded with a Lenny face

What's inside the box? P.S. nice Game Grumps reference

G** damn it! 😂

But seriously tho, how do I do that

A tip said that I have to use my tongue, how do I do that?


Aw man, that sucks.  But hey, it's still an awesome game

Could you implement the use of a controller? I find it really hard using the arrow keys, and I don't have a dance pad. Over all, good game, 10/10 IGN

Really happy to hear that you want to make a full-length game!

I wish I could be of any help with this problem. Try this: instead of trying to figure out which errors you should correct and which ones you shouldn't, why don't you just try to not correct anything at all? It might work

Pls, I'm begging you, do more!