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loved the story it had so much depth and detail.
very cool game i was NOT expecting that ending
very cute game, i absoloutely adore the characters! The art style is also incrediable, it sort of gives me Tim Burton and Fran Bow vibes 
very cute game, i love the art style<333


very good game, i love the story, its so wholesome<333
I loved this so much the characters are adorable!

np youre very welcome :]

Very good game not wht i was expecting enjoyed it very much :]
Beautiful game <3
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Ah alrite tysm! and yw i loved playing it :]

        Edit: tyyyy i got the yves ending i feel satisfied now ^^

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Beautiful artstyle, loved the game ^^
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Very beautiful game, defintley stands out from other games ive played & one to remember, very unique art style may i add aswell.

I got all the endings i belive, thus being the bad end and the good end, maybe in the future you could add an  end where you spend it with yves? ( hes my fav character lol) cos ik if u spend time with noel, you get the good ending, but if you kinda ignore eveyone you get the bad end.... if that makes sense.
yw ^^
Beautiful game, gorjeous art style, i love the characters in this <3 and the storyline, very well made game :]
Alrite game considring the short amount of time it was made in, one thing tho. the controls were a lil bit confusing and i didnt rlly know what i was doing or wht my objective was, also a few spelling mistakes made, overall good game tho.
Very good game, enjoyed it alot :]

Really good game, wouldnt normallly play something like this but the story has me intruiged! cant wait for the next update :D

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Lovely lil game , cute characters and art ^^
your welcome! :]
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AHHHHH I LOVE THIS!!!!! cant wait for the next chapter, the characters, story plot, art style is everything. i luv ur games sm! >.<
Love the game, not what i was expecting at all. very unique and intresting, love the art style :]
Got all the endings, very good game love the characters :3
Very cute lil game <3333
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innittttt my fav characters r patches and angel and of course whiskers  i luv games like this sm i rlly wish ppl would make more games similar   <333
Littery best game i ever played <333 i love all of the PA games essepcially this one cos u get to play as patches and techinally angel { my fav characters <3 } Very worthwhile playing, character design is amazing and so is the story line 100000000000000/10  :3
love the characters and story line even more in this one, wasnt expecting that ending lmao
Very good game i love the story lines and character designs alot  ;]

lmao same TvT