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just from playing their games, the 3D games like this one start with the Unity splash screen and the 2D games start with the Gamemaker splash screen. So Unity and Gamemaker Studio.  As for 3D art and animation I don't know what tools they use, but I can recommend Blender

ah yeah!! fantastic game. it has an intensity. feels really good to play! nice work.

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hey nice work! impressive pico game!

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hey fantastic!  this was such an interesting game! i really enjoyed it,  thanks for your work. one thing that I found myself trying to do was to resize windows so that I could configure my screen. i found that some windows had a little triangle in the corner to resize, but it would have been nice if all windows could be resized and if you could drag any side of a window to resize it. i will also say that i appreciate you respecting the intelligence of the player and not directly spelling out everything that you have to do. that seems more and more common in games and it really bothers me. i might even go so far as to not have objectives in bright yellow to allow the player to discover things on their own, although i may hold the minority opinion on that matter. you left me wanting to play more! great work and thank you, i hope to be able to play some more soon! 

also nice work on the music! it really helped to define the mood of the game. 

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yeah definitely, here are a few screenshots! im not really sure how to make gameplay gifs yet, so i cant do that. and sorry the only way to play is a downloadable .exe, im super new to all of this stuff so im learning.

you can also check out JenniNexus's let's play:

congrats again on against the void! it turned out great, i really like it!