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I'm loving the latest update! being able to add spells and magic items is incredibly helpful.

I do have a query though. In the Windows version of the app, is there a way of changing the location of the game's data directory to somewhere other than AppData? I use a PC and a tablet and being able to put the data folder in OneDrive would save me some copy/pasting, at least until you're able to implement the cloud-based solution.

Everything is looking more amazing with every update though! keep up the great work. You've single-handedly made running my first campaign several times more organised than it would have been without.

Wanted to start by thanking you for this app, as a new DM it's been invaluable for keeping my campaign notes organised and for running encounters.

The latest update is excellent, especially the portrait mode for phones.
Is there a way to turn on the portrait mode in the Windows version? I often use the app on a Windows tablet or side-by-side with another app so it would be useful to have an option of using it.