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Wilkin Games

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You can play the free version in browser!

Yes, I want to release a mobile version in the future!

Yes, I plan to release on Steam in the future!

Send me an email at!

The Mac version is only compatible with 64 bit versions! Are you using a 32 bit version?

For sure! Once it's released on Steam, anyone who has purchased it here will get the keys!

Yes, I plan to release on Steam in the future!

That's a great series! But no, I'm a different Justin. :)

I just released Deadswitch 3, a fast-paced multiplayer shooter, on!

Check out the trailer:

The game is free to play in your browser.

The paid standalone version includes:

  • Better performance
  • Faster load times
  • No advertisements
  • Future and existing exclusive content, including:
    • Character customization
    • Operations
    • Multiplayer icons
    • Bonus starting Teeth (currency)
  • Automatic updates with app

You can find more info on my website!

Yeah, check out Tactical Weapon Pack 2!

Thanks! Tactical Weapon Pack 2 will be released April 19 2019. :-)

No problem man! Unfortunately out of my control at this time, so I'm slowly adding new weapons while we wait... :-)

Thanks! It's complete, just going through the sponsorship process... :-)

Most likely within a few weeks. :-)

Thanks! You can only spawn normal targets in the firing range, but in Tactical Weapon Pack 2 (will be released soon), you will be able to spawn different types. :-)

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You can download it at my website!

Thanks! :-)