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Xurxe Toivo García

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Lemons. Unicorns. 666. 13. Guinea pigs. Things that rhyme with "Bitsy".

Hello everyone!

I found out yesterday evening that Bitsy is A Thing That Exists. At 2 am, when it became clear that I was gonna have a Bad Insomnia Night, so I was like wellllll let's play with Bitsy and try to figure it out? Long story short, 5 hours later this baby was born: After the game was played I realized it fit the theme for an ongoing jam, so I submitted it there :D

As a background, all my formal coding training is some basic R in university (I studied biology in college). I've taught myself some more R, as well as Twine and CSS. I also went to an event a couple of weeks ago where I learned some Python basics. Anyways, when it comes to computer stuff I'm just floundering around Google trying to figure out how to do the stuff that comes into my mind.

Thanks a lot to the original creator of this tool and all those who have contributed materials online. I have learned so much from you! :D :D