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Bring it on 💪🐔 

I liked this, nice abstract feel, I want to know the lore behind the buff chicken tho...

simple and fun, bit buggy but liked the concept, slightly commedic which added a nice flare 

Such a cute, simple, and addictive game, we Loved it! 10/10


best part by far was the use of the music to build the story, the atmosphere is super cool and well done to make it super creepy. the anticipation is real with this one haha

absolutely! :)

simple, creepy, and unnerving. I like it

delivers the vibe really good and tells the story in a simple but effective way - def use keyboard, tank controls are tuff on game pad lol

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short and "sweet" I love the connection to actual coordinates. I may have found something extra on google earth... lol

Awesome to see how far it's come from the original demo, really fleshed out. great mix of funny and scary. it lets you have freedom to play around in some areas which i really like!

freaked me out... played it a few weeks ago, the atmosphere and sound design are top notch, great job!