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Phone: Huawai Hol-U19

Androidversion: 4.4.2

Hope you can fix this or at least tell me if I need a newer android version and a new phone to play this.

I think I played this game for like 3 hours now and I love it! First I thought that It wouldn't be such a great game since I play on my phone but It's really amazing and I haven't even seen all characters yet! The graphics are so beautiful! The music is relaxing and just perfect but I still hope to hear more. The animations are almost perfect but I guess it can't get better so awesome job! This game doesn't get boring after the first 3 hours. There's still so much to do! I especially love the Dreamscape VR idea. It's something I've never seen in a game before. To wrap it all up: I love this game and I want to see more. You already did a very great job and I see all this effort. I wonder what else will come. I hope to see even more characters in the future. Everything else can't get better... Or can it? Anyways don't rush this game please and take your time with everything. I can wait a long time to see even more of this beautiful game. Thank you for working on it!

I tried to play the game on an android phone, but everytime I get to the sex scene the screen gets black and the game just closes. I tried it several times and it's still not working. I even tried the free mode but the same thing happens. I hope you can fix this. I'd be really happy to see the full game and the future updates sound really awesome. The art in this game is pretty good and the sexy music fits the game. The option of diffrent graphics in the settibgs is really great too! That's all I can say for right now. Hope to see more updates soon.

I can't belive how much fun this is! I'm playing it on my phone and i can't say anything bad about it. For a free game it has a lot to offer. The graphics are really good for a free game too and the animations are so good! The game is only about chooks, but you can have fun for a really long time. I can't say anything bad about it. Not even the music gets boring and it's the same all the time! I have only one question: Are there predators, because i haven't seen any. My farm is still level 0 so maybe they will come wehn it's level 1? I hope so. A little difficulty with predators would be fun I believe. All in one a really fantastic farming game. I can't complain.

Beautiful but i would love to see more features like more levels or even monsters that will chase you and upgrading your tools after each level. I hope to see updates. Take your time with the updates. I know this can be a really awesome game.