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Loved it,  definitely made me jump !, the graphics was appealing, I just wish their was more too it and I hope you don't make generic games this is a special little gem.

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Thought the music was somewhat on point, didn't think their was enough significant memes bar a few that would actually make it worthwhile to want to go through it again the quotes were great, would have been awesome to experience the memes in a much more on point elaborate way with more explanation, thought etc . Controls were alittle clunky too.  Also the tapes didn't seem like they made a difference to the game probably did but wasn't really made obvious enough.   

art was not bad in some places rather seemingly on point

but it was very low poly in a lot of places.

However I was entertained enough to wanna keep going more or less it did have that.

3/5 gameplay

3.5/5 art

4/5 music

1/5 story

2/5 design

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That was actually legit carming, something about
the aggressiveness and asian vibe melded together
with the weird painted visuals gives a soothing peace
after I'm done playing, it was a momentary inner peace.

can you please give an option to remove the scroll bar it's annoying :/

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Simplicity made crazy with atmospherical minimalism.

My only real complaint depending on what level of judgement you might be asking for is that maybe
the shiny trail orb could have been more elaborated and more bigger.

Quality was okay.


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I had to come here an say that the artisan of Tape and simplicity of UI are more then pleasant prehaps adding more simplicity based features on a large scale would serve you well , but I was mostly impressed the only complaint is "importing and exporting"
not exactly being user friendly besides the export button