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How so?

Very satisfying contorls, only bad thing is the opponents don't drift, drive on rails and have more mass than you, making them really hard to crash or defend against. If they decide it's time to crash you during a drift, you better get outa the way fast or you'll end up on the side of the road in seconds

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took me some time to figure out that you can test your character in the character creation menu (and also that the fourth host is the easiest to control imo)

All in all this game is quite fun to play and the soundtrack just carries me away every single time I start a new run [^-^]

level 15 freezes my Firefox due to immense lag. Expectable xD

Aaw you got me real excited when I heard there was a "gem of music" in this game xD

I just brought the first cube you ever get into the "The End" chamber. And you can, too! :D

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I actually managed to softlock myself in the room where you learn how to "jump off the cube":

using all my mouse momentum I threw the cube up on top of the ledge so it became unreachable. Then, while trying to get the cube from the previous room, I managed to slip through the door before it shut using pause buffering, yet I could not bring the previous cube along

This game is honestly amazing :D

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I guess this experience might have been less of a chore if I could actually walk at a reasonable pace.

EDIT: I still don't get how to get to an end in this game, leaving now

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Haha the final message is legendary xD

But what's even worse than Jery's level design is the fact that you die by flying off the screen, and that it can take longer than a minute to get back to where I've been before due to the slow left and right movement

I've never fallen through the floor as often as I did in this game xD

But still no regret since the town is pretty beautiful and the movement not all too shabby [^^]

Oh actually pretty nice seeing a free "music" game I can play with my USB keyboard ^^
Although there is one passage I just cannot get past 😅

This is a great game, but let us start at the beginning: The Main Menu reminds me a lot to „Mirror's Edge", which isn't a bad thing because it brings nearly the same amount of freedom. Freedom is also the main aspact of the game; not only because the super awsome looking alien playermodel can be custumized by painting but also because there are no connections to the real world: The courses consist out of blocks which consist out of smaller cubes, the floor seems like a giant glass plate shimmering in the light of the sun, which creates an atmosphere of freedom and peace. And of course: The alien can jump unimaginally high and wide and can perform extremely long horizontal wallruns and wallrun combos. Now we reached the gameplay: The mechanics work quite well but they are hard to master. Really hard. Especially the horizontal wallrun to jump to horizontal wallrun move. If the player doesn't reach the wall in the right angle the alien won't perform a wallrun but instead falls directly down. This can be frustrating but it also can be a motivation to gain more skill in those moves. The other mechanics work great, but it is a bit unrealistic that the alien can perform the vertical wallrun when standing as high as when running.

The predesigned courses are more levels than actual locations, the blocks are placed senselessyl around the map to give the player some obstachles and they don't seem to express something. The idea to add colored blocks wich have an effect on the player's movement is pretty great. However, hitting the floor doesn't kill the player, which opens some doors to cheaters and glitchers. And at least we have the course editor. I like course editors. And I am sure that will solve the problem of the random looking leveldesign.

I can recommand this game to everyone who does parkour himself or likes 3D platformer cause this is the ultimate form of freedom.