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John,I really wan't to play the game.I see that it is no longer available on Steam so I was wondering if I buy it here will I be able to play?

Thanks,Sil. :) Puzzles are not my strong suit lol.

I am stuck on the puzzle in Cirruwa Forest where you have to use Lo's slash ability on the plants to open the gate. =( Does anyone have any advice? I'm not sure what order I should be doing it in.

I finally finished it,yay! Thanks so much for the advice, Charlotte. 😄 You're awesome!💗

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I did it! :D Thanks so much! :)   <3 <3

Charlotte,how did you complete the puzzle?I've been stuck on this for hours now and it just isn't making any sense to me.

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How do you complete the gate puzzle in Froxeter Forest?

Thanks,I love it! <3 

Just got my little moth buddy.This game is so cute! :3