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The Linux Gamer

A member registered Mar 09, 2017

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This is awesome!

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Saw comments about the camera, I found it a bit disorienting. If the camera stayed focused on the character, it would probably be better.

Other than the camera, though... I like this game!

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Error message:
24 bits font.
key color : 0 0 0
24bits greyscale font. converting to 32bits
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

Hmm... I seem to be getting a segmentation fault when trying to launch the game. I'm using python 2.7.14

I'm getting the same error. 

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Tried to run this game, but there's no lib in the Ubuntu repos called libglew1.13

Tried to compile and GLFW/glfw3.h can't be found.

-1 point for not loving pineapple on pizza. Just kidding xD

A few other suggestions are Blender, GIMP, LMMS, libgdx, monogame, and Geany (these were pulled from the comment section of the video)

Replied to halturata in Game theme

Pick one of the following:

A scifi platformer with rougelike elements

A shoot-em-up with modular, customizable weapons

A (real time) strategy game featuring some kind of puzzle solving

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When I said "Linux build" I meant "it runs on Linux."

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There's no specific theme.

But I can give you a prompt if you want one. :P

Created a new topic I'm psyched!
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Truly, our game jam has exceeded my expectations by many orders of magnitude. I expected maybe 9 people would sign up, and instead we now have 75. Thanks you! I can't wait to play the games you guys make.

Remember that if you've signed up for the jam, you can vote on the other entries after they've been submitted!

Replied to xmorg in Controls
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WASD is fine. But this is not The Linux Gamer's Game Jam. :P

Make the game you want to make! Weird control schemes are good if they're innovative!

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I apologize for being ambiguous (or as you might say, Vague). I should've been more specific.

Given the spirit of the rules, you can use art assets from the Unity store if they were made during the event, but not before. Same goes for music. Next time I'll be more specific.

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I have a keyboard, mouse, Xbox 360, PS4, GameCube, and Steam Controller. I don't have a touch screen. Great questions! Keep 'em coming.

the colloquial "zip" 😂

You can zip the file and upload it here, too.