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I attempted to go through the game twice. Each time I accidentally closed the game by pressing ESC as there is no save - this means playing the game from the beginning.

There is a lot of popups in the game and most intuitive way to close them would be to press ESC, not E. 

Thank you so much! I really appreciate the support :)

Thank you so much! By the way I am soooo impressed by the game you have developed for this metroidvania jam! :) It is just amazing! Good job!

Thank you so much! :) It took a lot of work actually. I calculated all the hours I worked on the game and it added up to around 160-180h :D.

Thank you so much for your amazing feedback! :) I am happy you like the game. The good news is I am in progress of redesigning the core mechanics of the game and I will do my best to take your comments into consideration!

Due to game engine limitation I decided to migrate all the project to Unity. This will take much more time but at the end give much better results! :) 

Thank you so much! The white outlines do indicate that you can interact with the item/NPC. This way it is easy to potentially distinguish between NPCs and enemies when they both appear on the level :)

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Awesome! Please feel free to publish/play my game! How can we get in touch? I have some questions :)

Nice try haha! Trolling level 1000 :D.

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Hey! The version 1.0 will have the Luvio boss updated to make him slightly easier :)

Thank you so much for your feedback. I am very happy you liked it!

Hey, I think I don’t understand the question? :)

Could you please do me a favor and try in Edge? This would give me a great perspective. You are not only one experiencing the issue, however I am not able to recreate it on any of my machines :(.

Amazing! Thank you so much for the videos! I added them as a part of the game description! :)

Thank you so much! I will check out both of them. Do you have a chance to provide performance stats when entering the area when game crashes? Ctrl + Alt + Delete, then “performance” tab. I am afraid the zone may use a bit too much RAM or CPU. 

I love the game and I will definitely come back to it. I hope to finish it within next few days. The art, story and sound are just brilliant. There are however some minor tweaks that could be made:

1. Jumping with the module feels a little bit 'out of the world'. I don't know why but it really does not feel coherent with the rest of the world. I would experiment a little bit more with gravity and cube weight.

2. This is something I already mentioned - would be awesome to have a quicker way to work with modules. Maybe something like 'stuck to bottom' thing that would help keeping the jump module in the direction that allows to jump always. I understand the design is related to 'right calculation' BUT I am still able to change the module position - even in the worst situation, just it will be painful and time consuming. 

No other downsides really besides those two! :)

The art is amazing. I will be more than happy to come back to the game once it is improved. At this point however I am afraid it is quite hard to play. 

Thank you so much for the comment :). Unfortunately the world in the game is pretty small at this time - that means I had to utilize available space. In around one month time hopefully there will be much more to explore. That should slightly decrease the feeling of going 'back and forth' :)

Woah! I had so much fun watching you! Thank you sooooo much for your time and effort! 

I watched the video. It is amazing. For long time I did not have such a great time! You are an awesome person! I know it is not much but you got +1 subscriber :D

Thank you so much! I love our comment. It is very encouraging. I recommend to give the game a try as soon as the game jam is over. There are some minor fixes which will make the experience much better - the most important is campfire next to the second boss area!

Hey! Thank you so much for your amazing comment. The game will be a bit more 'metroidvania-like' after several updates. This is raw version prepared for a game jam. :) I hope to make it a little bit longer in the near future.

Regarding the save: the save next to the second boss is already implemented in the new version. I need to wait until the rating is over so I can update it. There are some other minor fixes as well. :)

The chest can be used to leave items in it. At this moment there is 'perfect' amount of items so you don't really have to choose what you have in your inventory. However one of the updates will not only extend the map but also introduce several new items. Then what you have with you will be key decision to make.

This is actually very fair point :)

Thank you so much! There is much more to come! Soon I will prepare a roadmap of changes. :)

In one of the first updates there will be campfire in the area next to the boss. :) It will be much easier to re-try then!.

At this point My advice is - always take care about torches first. As soon as one of the lights back stop what you are doing and take care about torches again. Let me know when you manage to beat the boss!

Because, sometimes you may not change a respawn point and you need heal. But maybe you are right - I can keep both, heal when you wait by the fire + introduce full save heal :)

Did you wait by the fire? :) The fire heals 1 point every second (I believe)

Thank you Justcamh for the feedback! The areas will be extended in the future :). At the end I want the 'dialogue' part to be much less portion of the game. I plan to add some side quests but nothing spectacular. There will be other additions as well. They will change the experience a little bit (I hope I will be able to improve the attacking + introduce a ranged weapon).

+ do you remember where did you encounter the issue with not being healed? I would like to check it out :)

Thank you so much! I will definitely check the game out :). The music was composed by two amazing music creators - Dekkanoid and Paolo Iocca. I will be updating description page of the game and for sure will include their names there :).

Thank you! Please let me know if you are stuck anywhere or have any suggestions! :

Thank you so much! I really appreciate the feedback :). 

I am stuck after about 2min of game play. When I am climbing the ladder I am stuck at the top. 

+ For some reason I cannot adjust camera speed (nothing happens when I change it). In the result to make 180 degrees camera turn I need to do around 20 mouse movements. 

I love your artstyle. It is so simple yet effective. The water looks sooo beautiful! It's a shame the game is so short. I also admire the zombie enemy. Its animation and behaviour is spot on. 

The game looks very pretty! I am sorry it is so short :(. I would have enjoyed it a lot if it were longer!

Just two things that I feel at this stage could be improved:

1. The jump feels a little bit odd. Kind of like the gravity is veeery week and character has very little jump power. 

2. The auto targeting is great, but once after I killed enemy in front of me it targeted enemy behind me. Character made a sudden turn which I did not expect and as a result I dropped from the platform. I don't know what could be done - maybe auto targeting only the enemies that are visible on the screen or up to certain angle? 

I just love the game. When I looked at it first I was afraid it will be too simple but it kept me VERY engaged. I played it like for one hour instead of going to sleep :D. 

Thank you so much :)

Hello Everyone! I have uploaded new version of the game. 

Main changes include:

  • Making the jump much easier by adding coyote time.  
  • Reducing screen shakes and fades times.
  • Removing 'automatic' switching dwarfs when one of them dies.

I do agree with you 100% that it is much easier to actually get better ratings having less of them. It really boils down to your motivations. I did terribly in terms of the ratings -I’m something like 1300th BUT! 

But this does not matter for me. It was my first jam, so it was much more important to get real, meaningful feedback. I think I got comments regarding almost all aspects of the game. This is awesome. It will help me in the future in case I decide to make game with similar elements.

It will also help me to improve the game I submitted and make it more „approachable” for anyone that will decide to give it a try in the future :).


Would be great if you find few minutes to play my game:


Would be great if you find few minutes to play my game:

As soon as the jam is over, I will update the game version to one woth more forgiving jump! :)

Haha, just briliant! Thank you so much :D