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If you're going to make a video you can request a key here:

(please make sure the mail address you enter is the same as specified on Youtube)


Thanks for these kind words. It was an awesome experience to make such an incredible webgame :)

Thanks for letting us know! We’ll look into it!

Hi Avidia! It's not going to be released unfortunately, although it might be a game mode in BR6!


If I recall correctly we did try out some joypad stuff way, way, way back!
I can check for you - but I dont have a schedule for that since we're a bit busy atm.
Will put it on the list!


yes - it is internal/external version so we can differ more easily between de standalones and the old ones. Nothing to get worried about ;)

If you have Burnin' Rubber 3 Standalone and gained the World Domination trophy you can unlock the tank by putting your BR3 savegame in the BR4 save folder. You can find your BR3 save game at C:\Users[YOURUSERNAME]\AppData\LocalLow\Adobe\Director 11\BurninRubber3\Prefs\XBR3Data.txt Copy and paste it to C:\Users[YOURUSERNAME]\AppData\LocalLow\Adobe\Director 11\BurninRubber4\Prefs Unfortunately we cannot automate this process. Start the game and claim your tank!

yes :)

It depends a bit on which Windows version you are but you should look into
C:\Users\[YOURUSERNAME]\AppData\LocalLow\Adobe\Director 11\BurninRubber4\Prefs
there is a file there called XBR4GOTY.txt

Thats your save file :)


Hi GamerJens, 

Yes the game is 2.99 - and still as fun as the original one ;)


Hi Coolkopf,

The motion blur is a pretty performance intensive effect. Especially since we use a rather brute force approach as Director doesn't support shaders or even a basic form of image effects. My advice would be to turn it off.
Windows 10 and NVIDIA has nothing to do with it.


Hi Ugalek,

It is pretty normal to enter those numbers. If you don't feel comfortable using a credit card you can use Paypal as well. Unfortunately we won't be porting this version to Steam.


Hi Ugalek,

It is pretty normal to enter those numbers. If you don't feel comfortable using a credit card you can use Paypal as well.
Unfortunately we won't be porting this version to Steam.


Hi! That bug has been fixed :D

Can you tell us your settings - on the default settings the game runs perfectly.
If you enable features from the advanced tab - performance may vary. 


Hi! I think the payment options are determined by itch.io. Sorry!

Hi Metal Knight,

In your message you mention 3 issues, of which one may be considered a bug.
Although it is clear to me that you are actually looking for this glitch to happen.

Your issues have been noted. Now please stop posting these kinds of remarks. They are not really fair.

Diederik / Xform

most of the time the taskbar is hidden automatically - if not please try alt+enter (when ingame!)
Please let me know how it goes!

after 8 years - I infally found this small, weird bug
It will be fixed in the next update... stay tuned

as a workaround go to the boat missions from the city - not from the jungle -> boat

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What do you mean  by much? Do you think $ 700 is much? I don't understand.

Yes - it is here! :)

ok - please mail me at suppert at xformgames.com
I am not checking this thread continously and support should go through 'official' channels.
- PIeter

that is odd - since that folder is not managed by the installer 
it is created when the game runs - and as far as I know won't be removed

are you running any virus or malware software which might disable the files to be saved there?

Is there anything in the folder I mentioned earlier? is there a file?


As far as we can tell there should be no issue with data saving.
Are you logged in? Are there restrictions to you as a Window user? The save game should be located in
C:\Users\[YOURUSERNAME]\AppData\LocalLow\Adobe\Director 11\BurninRubber3\Prefs

About your second question. Unfortunately the game is limited at around 30 fps.
While technically Director (the software used to build BR3) can run at higher fps we never could squeeze the performance out of it with the stuff we wanted to do... 


Please send a mail with details to support(at)xformgames.com. Please include as many detail as possible! 

yes - working on it :)

Hi Esteban! BR6 is in concept-phase, meaning that we're thinking about what it should be. It will have multiplayer. You can chat about BR and other Xform games here: https://discord.gg/cgQRb2j

At this moment, we don't have any plans to do BR1 and BR2. Sorry :(



please send a mail to support@xformgames.com
please include your system specifcations 

please also inform us where you installed the game (folder location)


The itch.io platform is easier to use (it takes less work to get a game project set up). Also, our old Shockwave games are not good enough quality wise to compete on Steam. There are quite some technical problems with the games that are hard to fix for a proper Steam release. I'm sorry that Itch.io doesn't have the payment options you want to use, but you're better off complaining to itch.io than here ;)

Thanks for the info - We will investigate!

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Hi! You can always try telling us about it, so we might be able to fix it? You can report it here or join our Discord here: https://discord.gg/cgQRb2j

We cannot make this game for free unfortunately. And no, we did not promise that. I'm sorry if you cannot afford it or do not have a payment method itch.io accepts. :(

There seem to be more topics for this, but I couldn't find a 'fix-all' solution for it. So here goes again...

Our game, Burnin' Rubber 3 was released yesterday, but is only available with the direct link. It does not appear in any categories or searches. We had the game set as Unlisted in search & browse in the configure settings tab, so that we could test the game a bit first. When we changed this, it's still not showing up. Also, when search for our publisher name, it says 0 projects.
I'm guessing that we need to wait some more for our game to be approved or something?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Diederik / Xform

Yes :)

It's here again! :)