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Thanks  man! Will keep that in mind :)

Thanks Man :D

Thanks for you feedback, its appreciated.

For the ability to jump near walls, I didn't have the time to fix them unfortunately, and the camera view went small after I changed the game to WebGL,  an improvement of the game will be done to fix all those that you mentioned, so stay tuned.

Started the game, played the game, completed the game without getting bored at all.

Amazing job!

حبيت الرسم والانيميشن، كيوووووووووووووت xD
القصه الي ورا اللعبه عجبتني، شغل رهيب

Te able to do within 3 days in UE  requires a lot of dedication. Loved the graphics 3000. I enjoyed the game but i believe that the lights are low, sometimes I can barely see. 

I really enjoyed the game, The idea between moving in scrolling and normal 2D is brilliant, the music changes once you change the character is amazing. Amazing job guys

Thanks a lot :D

Its not that HARD if the  player know exactly when to jump, but due to bad camera's situation its even hard for me to complete it! xD 

I really appreciate your comment and glad to know that you still want to play even tho its hard XD

Unfortunately,  the resolution missed up when I changed the project from windows to WebGL before submitting.

I'm planning on fixing the resolution and some other things and then re-upload it again.

Thanks a lot for trying the game

Thanks for this comment, and glad that you played the game xD

Thanks for the comment, and thx for playing

Just WOW

OMG, The humor is toooo much xD

Hey, here is my game although Its just a small one xD.

I loved it a lot! Lots of fun! Reminded me of the all peaceful days when i was a child.

Excellent job and waiting for the whole game :D

Thx and I'm glad that you enjoyed it :)

Sorry for the delayed reply, I'm sorry to hear that, I just made a version especially for 32 bits, you can download it from this link, I really hope that you like it, and i will wait for your feedback :)

The game itself is simple and funny, i really enjoyed playing it, keep up the good work.

(if you dont mind, would you take a look at my game @, would really appreciate it :D )

Potato Winner XD

I loved it so much, Its so creative, Great job :D