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Gamemaker Studio 2. Even a blank executable was more than 1.44 mb ;-;

but eh. i probably wouldn't have finished it by the time the jam ended.

Ok, cool! I'll send a link whenever I have something done!

It does have something to do with floppy discs though ;)

Hey hi hello, this dude here.

I was working on my proc-gen small world jam entry when I realized that no matter how much I try to squeeze that game, it comes out in 1.85 mb. Bummer. So, can I just submit it but say it's not valid so nobody rates it? And if I can, may I then release a post jam update where i don't try to make it as small as possible?

Heyo, thanks in advance,


Alrighty! Thanks! :D

So for some reason itch doesn't accept my jpg file, so... 

I'm pretty sure mine is Above "e" and under "G"

And the letter is "V"

(meanwhile I'll try to find a way to get the file uploaded)

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Here's mine! It's probably above "e" and under "G"

Thank you for the answer, but I meant computer hardware specifcations (CPU, RAM, etc.) :)

Even if it's not for my PC, I'm still supporting  ya! ^-^

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Hey, I'm really interested in supporting you guys! Just one question - any system requirements for the game?

Thanks! :D

Thank you! :)

Thanks a lot, LJRadio! :D

I'm glad you like it!

I just realized that my game is a bit similar to yours. Sorry? :D

21170. Nice! :D

Alright, Thanks!

What about "else" in if statements?

if (something) 


*something happens

} else {



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Whoops! I was intending:

if (argument0 && !argument1 && argument2 = 1)  !

Thanks for pointing that out!

Thanks! Oh, and - if I have something like:

if (argument1 && !argument1 && argument2 = 1) 

does it still count as a single line? Or do I have to seperate the arguments? 

Do we start making the game when the jam starts? Or is it now?

That's all. Thanks!

Awesome! How do you open themes?

I have no Idea.

This is a fantastic tool, but there is one thing that would make it even better. COLORS!

Either some preset colors or a color picker, maybe a slot to write the color (#64465b or something) would let me (and probably others as well) get a slight bit more creative with this!

What do you think?