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PotatoNinja or Xenobytes, who knows?

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i must be blind then...

hey man, so i tried it out. You might have a bunch to read but eh, it's feedback to say the least.

It was pretty good for being in the very early state, but it might just be me not having good standards :P, though it was sad that i couldn't shoot. But the game is still in extremely early development so i should not be surprised.

Most were nicely placed, but if you could change the keybind for the inventory (I) to be more accessible with the left hand would be nice because i don't want to use my right hand to use the keyboard since that wouldn't be very convenient, because you shoot with the righty, but that's just me. Changing the keybind to Q would be nice for the lefty, or you could just add the option to change the keybinds in the future, that would indeed be even nicer :D.

The sprinting was really nice, it was kinda quick and nice. But it would be even nicer if the character held the guns differently when running and walking/standing. But that's a tiny nitpick.

Movement could be improved however, it was clunky and when i was tapping WASD for half-a-second it was as if the character wanted to move until you could hear a footstep, and then it would stop. But it was inconsistent, but it ocurred more than enough to annoy me slightly. It messed my movement up and i always felt the need to walk the opposite way to stop where i wanted, but the plan would always backfire.

That was the major problems i had, here are some really minor things.

It would be nice if you could polish those low-poly models to look as like the trees in that "testing enviroment". Because when things don't look the "same" per se, it kind of annoys me and catches my attention really quickly.

If the arms and the item currently held by the character was bobbing when the character looks at different directions would be a nice detail that would be nice.

that's all the things i wanted to mention, this took a long time to write, probably a couple of minutes. I don't know :P.