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Really great game Mate! I had no bugs and it was just fun! The difficulty is there and the skill increase with time is perfect so that it doesn't reamain hard forever. I really love the art and the colors, and the cutscene at the beginning was cool.

I enjoyed playing it. The music is good, and the art is fun to look at. 



did y'all say platformer and also pixel art(in your head), check out my board

I already sag

2 frame max animations.

Animation with 2 key frames / 2 sprites.


Finish the game in a day, spend the rest of the time polishing.

3D or 2D

Im gonna make a Third person game where you play on a team identified by their color vs another team with the goal of knocking each other off a platform using the main mechanic.

Color - The spectral composition of visible light

But fr, who's doing 3D?

Unreal 4 

JK kk unity :(

I laughed so hard

Its falling wayyy too fast for me to control it. Maybe turn down the fall speed a little.

I really enjoyed it. The movement is alright and the art style is cool, though I think the environment is a little emty, or bland. The invisible wall sucks a little. Maybe add another light source to add a little er. Depth. What I like most is the world interaction (the part with the log). Maybe make more scenarios like that. 

How much downloads did you get on this? Just a thought as I made a game with the same name and same jam lel. I didn't complete mind in time cause I started late.

I would have a gave a more distinctive comment but the game looks perfect in my eyes.

I enjoyed it very much.

are they separate or connected into one scene. Like a demo file or something. I'm terrible at setting up environments. Heh.

Will this work in unity

Puppets Reviews

The music dosnt make sense 😐 Heh

Menu looks scattered and only 1 button😑

Your spalsh screen poops. 😡

But.. Very Fun Game 😳😟😥

I was very confused I what I was supposed to do when I got in the game. Just walk around and fight? Other than that, I really liked the enemies attack animations.

I think the menu was kinda cool. Got a little mad when I had to waited for it to come back Everytime I missed but it was fun. Kinda like a little mini game.