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That was a strangely gross but nice experience. The mud/urine on the ground was really convincing and felt uncanny aha

It felt good to control the character and the plateforming was nice; maybe the background took too much of the visual space. Nicely done though!

I enjoyed your visual style, the overall colors used and the mood !

Glad you were receptive to our mood ahah ! For the future we don't know, for the moment thats just some little project. See ya around !

Thanks for playing ! I fixed some bugs and uploaded a browser version, i hope you won't get stuck anymore ahah. 

Thanks for the feedback ! I've uploaded an update and a browser version correcting some focus/bugs issues. By the way your game was really cool, I enjoyed the experience !

Nice experience, very smooth and you nailed the atmosphere ! Congrats

That was a strangely simple but satisfying expérience, and that's a nice twist on the theme. Well done !

Feels nice to shoot and to move around ! great job