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hello man im interested with you, give me your email or something to talk

hey man do you want to make a comic?

hey man if u want we can make a comic

hey do you want make a comic?

well i have an idea for a game, u are interested?

is same shit

i think we can make a comic

yes i want

im interested, i can program

hello i want to make a game, and i need a pixel artist, want join?

no i have gmail:

ok i think i can help u, i can program

do you have more examples? about sprites

Hi, we have a small team, with 1 writer, 1 programer and 1 pixel artist.

We need 2 more artist.



 ARTIST [1/3]


give me your gmail, i don´t know how use skype they change it

yes i made it, i don´t have nothing in mind, but i want to make a team, and see what abilities they have, and after think in a small game with what team can do :D, to see how looks.

if u know use godot with 2d i think will be ok.

hello, im making a team, and we need programmers wich program you use?

hello im making a team, and im interested too in mobile games, and if u want we can join, u are interested?

skype: catalin.dragomir6

ofc my gmail is

hello i want to make a team, and we need programmer, want to join?

hello im looking to make a team to make games, i want to start to make small games like you, you are interested?

hello, im doing a team for make games, and i want to know if u are interested?

give me your twitter or gmail or something to talk

ok , u are good

you can export it for android ?

depends where u want to put, android, mac, ios, apple, etc..

not bad

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I want to make a team,  for make games.

For the begin to see if works, i want a small team.



2D / 3D ARTIST [0/2]


olle porque no haces un comic?


well i think we can try something if u want, we can make a very simple game to see how looks

man u have some sprites to show me?

hello man, i need a image for a game what im doing, can u do it?

hello i want to make a game, i want someone to draw sprites, want join?

hello i want to make a game, and i need someone to make sprites, want join?

dimelo en español de que se trata

just put piskel on google, is free