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Loved it!

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This changes everything.

The latest update to Perspective is coming soon, Wednesday 19 December @ 6PM GMT

You can play it via HTML on Game Jolt at this link.


  • Fixed security flaw
  • Fixed a bug that could occur if the user stretched the user window
  • Fixed a bug that allowed the user to stretch the window
  • Fixed a number of display bugs
  • Removed levels
  • Added 4 new levels
  • Changed player texture
  • Removed un-needed objects
  • Major optimizations
  • Changed keybinds
  • Changed inputs on Information tab in Windows
  • Changed game icon (Windows only)
  • Changed HTML view port (HTML only)

An update regarding Perspective 2 reveal

The reveal has been cancelled.

On December 12, 2018, a potential security flaw was noted in Perspective. We took immediate action and removed the game from storefronts.

Even though the game was released over a year ago, we have decided to rebuild the game and remove the security flaw, aswell as optimize the game and release it on new platforms.

While a new Perspective game is in development, and will be revealed on December 21, this update will be released regardless for players of Perspective.

- Removed Gamejolt API menu option

(The game is now exclusive!)

- Changed game intro screen

- Made the Tutorial text readable on Level 1 Perspective

- Added the Tutorial text to Level 2 Perspective 2

- Bug fixes, bug fixes!