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Jeremy Bouin

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At first I thought it would be easy but I got lost multiple times in the last level. I also like how only the very last image of the game is in color. Great idea and solid execution!

Awesome concept! The game is really hard, I couldn't read all the text when it scrolls, but with practice you learn where to read to get the important information about the state of the game. My best score is 2! x)

Good job with this game, really innovative one! :)

I love the idea! ^^

Wow, unexpected take on the jam! It reminds me of :D

I love the idea, really clever! By the way my best score is 3! Soo difficult! x)

Awesome game! Hilarous when you know the vid. ^^ I love the pixel art, the game is really hard too, my best score is 6...!

I like the idea, nice game. :)

Simple game, but amazing gameplay and music! Can't stop playing! :D

Awesome concept! My best score is 9! :)