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Like waywren, I got to this game thanks to TVTropes. I was looking up the page for Doki Doki Literature Club, and when they mentioned this game the name was so catchy I just had to try it.

And oh boy, am I glad I did! This was an amazing experience. And since I'm an idiot, I actually did not notice the walkthrough on the forum page, so I ended up brute forcing my way to the senpai endings :P I stopped myself from reading the spoilers until I got at least all the five endings, but then I went "What if...?" and found out most of the other stuff myself. Except the "depressing" stuff. I just didn't have the heart to try and do anything that might have made everyone sad, so that's still a mystery to me.

(By the way, considering the background of this game, "Kanji" was the only name I deemed appropriate. I may also have been thinking about Persona 4 at the time, but I can neither confirm nor deny that sentence.)

As I said, awesome, awesome game! Thanks for making it and for all the effort you put into it.

(The harem ending is the best ending and always will be)