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one more silly bug: when you quick restart, the cursor starts on the last tube you were at, rather than the top left tube which it usually starts at. if that makes sense! 

wonderful job with everything, i will not worry about it haha!! :D

I'm honoured to have inspired you omg!! 
Well done, excited to have a look into it! :D

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I've done my first ORBSORT stream! As I say in the stream, I won't post this again unless I do something cool, like I beat the current record or something like that.
I don't really know where else to post this, so hopefully this comment section will do?

Thanks for creating such a great game!

What a classic!

Beautiful! Clever! You've condensed brilliance into its purest form. Well done.

Amazing, beautiful, well done.

i am proud of myself!!!!

really nice concept, well done :)

Well done!

Love the attention to detail. Well done.

AMAZING puzzle! You should be very proud of yourself! Well created and well done!

Highly recommend listening to Professor Layton puzzle music while solving this one

Hi, I'm unable to download the html file for the game :( is there any reason this might be?

I'd um also maybe recommend:
If you enjoyed the simple style with minimal text but light story
- Candy Box (1 or 2)
- A Dark Room
If you enjoyed the story in a text based format
- Lifeline (free mobile game, scaryish themes)
If you enjoyed the cozyness... I don't have a game for this yet, but hopefully some of those help

You can click on "More Information" above and click on the options that you enjoyed about this game and it'll show you similar games


ahh, yes! nicely done :)

nice little game!! you can see my playthru to the game here if you like: (skip to 3:30)
nice work

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i really liked this!! good job
I played it on stream, if you'd like to see skip to 7:38, well done man

super impressive, loved the mechanics, the mood, good stuff all round. i played this on stream, so if you'd like to see my reaction you can check it out there! (at 12;43) well done, keep it up! 

I very much enjoyed this ghostly experience, well done.
you can see me play it over here @ timestamp 26:03 if you like :D good stuff!!

I'm very glad to accept the Corporation Incorporated's job offer. I will do my best in this unpaid role

Lovely little game, good stuff. you can see my reaction to this game here if you like (skip to 32:36) - well done!!

super fun experience! you can watch me playing around with this little spawner in this video if you like (skip to 38:45). well done!

it was a joy to play this experience again :> you can skip to 43:18 to see this one haha, nicely done ulay

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One of the most loveliest and cutest experiences I've had in a game. really enjoyed it, well done! you can check out my reaction to the game here if you like, if you skip to 49:07

As I comment in the video, you do a wonderful job of capturing discomfort. well done!! you can check my reaction here, if you skip to 55:55. great job man!!

Really pretty and well done to the both of you :D you can check out my playthrough here, if you skip to 1:06:07. very nice!

Hi there, I recently played your game on stream and really enjoyed it, you can check it out at this link and skip to 1:16:15 if you'd like to see. Well done :>

Amazing, well done

Really nicely done! I love the built-in tutorial on the title screen. Keep up the good work!

Well done

Hi there, this was a lovely little game! Well done on the art and music, I enjoyed it. Keep up the good work!

Very clever, nicely done

This was an absolutely beautiful game. You did a wonderful job, and I'm impressed by so many aspects of this game.
Keep up the grand work.

Nice little game

I had a lot of fun with this! Nicely done

Nice and enjoyable little game

Really nice attention to detail, well done

Lovely little game, and I really like what you did after you caught one of each; well done!

Clever concept executed nicely, well done