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Odd Nite

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This is a hell of a game, gunna be checking out that sourcecode!

This is awesome!


these little characters are extremely cute too

Love the clown!

YES!!! Huge thank you for somehow making time to keep doing this asset!

Pretty awesome looking!

Love this!

This is literally the coolest thing ive found on itch ever, cant wait to look at the source!

i just found all your projects thanks to this one, dude THANK YOU so much for making so much of your stuff open source, its a treasure trove for someone just getting into their programming life recently. These roguelikes are amazing!

yesss yes yes!!

Hello, download links are... down.

this is seriously cool. 

Oh my gosh how have I never seen this!

this is so good! Would love to see more 1 bit stuff from you!

hey man this looks great! Really appreciate the contribution everyone!

Oh man, I’ve been really digging for 1 bit stuff lately! Great news. 

I really like the looks of these, awesome work!

looks great!

Alright! Great work!

Really love these!

this is dope man, cant wait to see where it goes!

not too long,  lot of people have updates very few and far between. It’s worth it for good content, super happy with how much you put out there! 

amazing work!!! Every time I see an update for this I get a warm fuzzy feeling inside.

Awesome work!

these are really great looking!

thanks man!

glad to see you back making new stuff!

nice! Nothing better than checking out cool source codes! 

oh YES!

Yes yes YES! Awesome work can’t wait to check it out 

Taking your sweet time is what I’d hope for!

(1 edit)

it’s here!!!! I’ll pick it up soon!

Best one yet man!

by the way, is there a GitHub page yet?

these are awesome!

this is so inspiring! Thank you!

currently experimenting with yours along with some older sprites. 

that’s fantastic to hear!

so these are probably my favorite 1bit assets so far. please keep them coming!