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Thanks for your feedback! We will consider it :)

Thanks! :D

I totally fell in love with entire gameplay! Mix of this graphic, music sound made this game so cute! I want more levels! 😍 

I hadn't thought I would get caught by text game but well... The story was very interesting and well thought. The only think is a bug which didn't let me finish - after finding child in the house I couldn't proceed. 

I was thinking about maybe increased speed for a short time or decreased on  the other hand. Changing physics of ball as if it were in the space without gravity or sth :D 

This game is absolutely ingenious! Simple graphic with simple mechanic and interesting gameplay! If you were to do something bigger with it I would definitely play it :) WAITING FOR MORE! 

Wow! Playing with my GF and both had a lot of fun :) Waiting for buffs!

When I tried to click button on the 1st floor I couldn't leave :( Some bug or sth. Anyway! I really like the mechanics of remembering all the things! The brain art is also very pleasant :) Nice work!

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Graphic and music is so charming I couldn't stop playing! Waiting for developement! Would be awesome if you made entire game for android devices  :)

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Awesome idea man! Level design on high level and graphic at point! :)

Felt like a horror game. Still not sure what I were to do :D Waiting for next part ;)

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Nice to hear! I spent quite much on a spear throwing system :)

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Thanks for feedback! Every man loves his wifey as much as Mokebe! <3