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Wrath of Wood

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its a really cool plugin, now I wish I MZ to run it :( .... Thank you for replying. Good luck with everything!!

Hey this is cool from what I seen/heard in the sample project. However I am using MV and cannot figure out the plugin commands. Could you possibly post that information please.

I could not help but be silly with this, a lot of fun.Thanks

I dont know you, but this was enjoyable.

the presentation is amazing love the visual style of this. I wish there was a way to have choices during the battles. Right now it feels like auto battle, but maybe thats the point. help menu and tutorial is a must, also custom animations and sound effects will boost the awesomeness of this. <3

thankyou it was fun to make honk honk moo moo

Thanks for playing it, and thanks for hosting this was a good jam to have fun and experiment .

I liked the choice system, the backgrounds and characters were really sweet too. 

Thanks, I knew the game was going to be short so I jam packed as much style as I could into it.

this was jokes the first kill got me good. Harold just pulls out his sword and one shots Biker Harold dead omg lol

Dude I know, I tried making items but they were always buggy. At least Harold Sparks Reid during the intro. Thanks for checking it out.

If Harold kills a Blue Yeti does that mean he dropped the Mic? I really enjoyed this, the battles reminded me of Final Fantasy games where I would have a heal bot and 3 attackers. The moves were fun, and the enemies had fun attack names. There was just enough rock puzzles that it didnt become boring or tedious, the art was cool too. Only improvement I could think of is the pop filter thing, also some lines did not start right away there may be silence on the recording or I got a weird slow loading thing from playing on web version. Voice recording is hard and I applaud you all for its inclusion. Great Game!

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Reid!? Ok this was really funny and I lol'd so many times. Also I was scared at one point the looping Reid and Harold sounds would continue after I close the game.

Thanks Manu!! All the items I made were broken :( I really wanted enemy items, and a Spark attack but I had to cut it. Did you beat the game? 

Thank you, I'm glad you found Q E to strafe. I have been considering changing strafing to A D to feel more modern for the first person view sections.

All the animations need tweaking I was having trouble with the z axis height not animating properly. As a result sometimes the position of the dice are behind objects. The arrows above npcs also were supposed to bounce up and down too. This stuff works in effkseer but not in game. I'm coming up with some ideas to spice up battles. Thanks so much for playing it.

Cool thanks, mario party dice are my favorite part of that game. I'm looking into adjusting the controls. Glad you enjoyed.

Thank you thank you, the camera transition speed could be slowed down. I tried to have some "cinematic" camera movement  for the cut scenes I apologize if it made you car sick. Thanks for playing!!

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Very cool idea, I like alternative game styles and this is inspiring. Show all the controls. Also it crashes right after every respawn even in new game saves. Maybe it has something to do with erasing events and trying to read them but thats just an educated guess.

I really like it. There are a few things that need to be tightened up. Show the costs and stats on the cards in your hand, have a little sword icon above the attack stat in case players forget which stat is which, find a way to show what the cards are, or show a list with all the cards in the game. Other than that everything worked perfect, the card art is cool, the game is easy to learn and play, just wish I knew where to go.

This is my first time using Fruity Loops for music in a game. The retro nes songs are usually what I do and are made with Famitracker these being the SkyBaby Arcade song, Train song, and the Main intro theme.  Thank you.

Thanks for being critical. The control and camera was the thing I was most worried about. I was considering adding an toggle option that shows the controls on screen but dropped it because of complexity (moving it out of the way during dialog, battles, etc) As for box puzzle those events are so janky and gravity doesn't work even thou its tagged to work,  floating boxes are possible lol. That is just a shortcoming of the plugin and can be reset by re-entering the shop.

Thankyou so much for playing . The Vampire Dice are my fav too.  I did put less than 0 hp checks in, so I'm curious which enemies you had issue with? 

Hey I'll watch some jam streams, what's your youtube/twitch link?  Ya'll should check this out I want to get lots of feedback on this one. Thanks :)

I had fun playing this. Wish it was longer, and had a real ending, and more enemy types. 

This was a lot of fun. My only suggestions are widen the tracks, have more branching paths and adding a HUD would be cool.

Really cool game, I played through a few times just to see what happens.

Thanks, and I will check out the Discord thankyou for the link.

Thank you, thank you, it was a lot of fun to make. 

thank you!!

thanks alot I'm glad you enjoy it. I wish I had more time to work on it. 

Thanks for playing!! It was my first time using 3d models. I wish the guns were more complex, different shot types would be ideal in my opinion. fun fact in the middle of the jam week my pc crashed, I didnt want to mess with coding after that and just made more enemies.

The addition is very minor, you start at 0.4 then add 0.25 each ten seconds max speed is 6 collision gets sketchy after that. The fire rate becomes overpowered imo. Thanks a lot for playing it

this song is cool, I died alot lol

this was simple and fun I liked the wacky enemies. it would be nice to be able to destroy the bullets but that's just a personal preference kinda thing.

Cool cool you made it to the final boss, there is a skip to the end cutscene if you enter playername end.  The blocks are on the list of random pickups/enemies they are just indestructible blocks for cheesing enemies and blocking shots. Fun fact thats the first asset I drew. Thanks alot

Thanks KV! I feel like alot of the issues are due to time crunch and first unity game hiccups. Ideally there would be cutscenes between each level, I tried doing silent protagonist theme as well. The gun models need to be deeper maybe extra ones of the same type give a boost. I wanted the controls to be super simple so there is no interact button. The overlapping guns and se are something I really tried to fix but I had to move on, I had a similar issue with slimes spawning on top of each other or going under the level when you kill a big slime, so I cut slime splitting :( .  I really should have added a tutorial or a lil how to play, go find the portal boss or anything, even if I don't like tutorials some people do and some people really need them if they aren't familiar with this type of game.

thank you thank great advice, your feedback aligns with a few others. In hindsight including a lil tutorial would help people that aren't familiar with randomly generated dungeon crawling games. A screen with a list of what the items do would help too.

its the name input

Cool, you beat the game I'm glad it was fun and beatable. There is a couple of cheat codes in the screenshots btw