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Wrath of Wood

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thanks for the feedback Hawk dude.

cool man thanks for the feedback. It is janky rpgmaker goodness and everyone knows it. The next time I try to this I will try to use a better method than the grid based stuff .

You are always so supportive even if it makes you sick :P This was fun to make.

ye ye Benny you rock thanks for playing it and for all the feedback, glad you enjoyed.  

ye ye I'm using MV3D it's a powerful plugin and I'm just trying to make every genre. Thanks Coda.

hey, thanks a lot Coda this ones a lil rough and raw. Glad you had fun.

Thanks it's an experiment in trying to make all game genres and I'm glad you like it.

Thanks a lot for playing both my games. This one was a lot simpler to make, and came together really quick.

Good priorities.

ye ye thanks Nowis, this was fun to make.

thanks for playing. Good point about the enemies, theres no incentive to kill except it looks and sounds cool.

Thanks for checking it out.  At the beginning, a choice pops up yes or no to see a quick guide. It says "plant the seeds, feed the thing so it grows"  And the food types change the monsters form there's 4 types of food so 4 monster paths. Just focus on feeding it one kind you'll be fine. As for being boring it could have used a mini game but I spent so much time focusing on sprites and getting everything to work on one monster event with like 13 kaiju forms.

cool visually, the big sword enemy is awesome. but the second screen my fps slowed right down the player character went invisible and the game crashed. when I retry it just crashes at the first door. I really hope you can add sound and fix this up because its a very cool idea.

Thanks a lot for beating it. There's farming skill upgrades that makes growing quicker after planting certain numbers of plants. The total amount of time spent should be just over 10 minutes, which is nothing compared to a long battle from a traditional rpg.

I recorded myself ripping up envelopes and used that for a bunch of sound effects it was a lot of fun to make. Thank you for playing it.

thanks for checking it out, it was a 5 day project kind of thing. It needs more "something" I agree.

Cool game, this newer version is awesome. The multiple endings is a good idea and done really well.

thanks alot

Hey thanks a lot for playing. Valid points, the emptiness is a quirk of this setup. More bosses is a good idea. 

I  know right the boss is tough. Thanks a lot for checking out the game!!!

GB Studio, it makes gameboy roms and html games super easy. check it out. Thanks for playing!!!

combat and story was jokes

I was lost in a maze and died to scorpions, I'm glad it's over lol jk :p 

the battle system was cool

The anticipation I felt while waiting for the game this gem to load was not in vain.  Long story short I lol'd

very cute

very cool game, it's so simple and I wish it was longer and more of a challenge. Doing random encounter battles and bosses like this in a sci fi game would be really fun.


That's real deep man lol, thanks for playing you are awesome!!!!

Thank you!

Thank you Bimmy. That danger spot is supposed to be subway tracks.

Thanks for playing and going deep on the critic. It was fun to make. 

Hey, thanks a lot for playing it. The boss is kinda nuts I agree. I just wanted to put a challenge in a game for once. Every time I found a cheese spot or strat I beefed up the move set and speed more. Glad you got through it.

hey thanks for popping by dude <3

Hey, its the Bulb boi 💡 💛  Thanks a lot for checking it out.

thanks for checking it out

Thanks a lot, the boss difficulty was a design choice and is the hardest thing I've put into a game so far.  At first it was 20/20 hp, 20 for each eye but toned it down to 20 hits total. Really appreciate the love for tragic Harry.

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Really cool looking map the battlers and custom sprites were awesome, but I wish the dialog portraits matched. Collecting a team was fun and battles were quick and simple enough to get through without feeling like a time sink. Overall good would recommend.

The Pac-har character is funny, and this was fun to play.