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Wrath of Wood

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very cool, I liked throwing the hearts lol ;) 

Thanks nerdboi you rock

the best way to leave house is by never entering

cool art, cool puzzles, well done

not a bad game I like the setup for everything but found myself running past encounters to just get to the bosses

cool idea

it was fun, waiting for things to recharge was slow but whatever. cool game overall

too freaking cute, I lol'd Good Game

Fun game, I like how every button is the right button

this game goes hard. I love how I can win combat by mocking the cops and eating granola bars. solid entry 

Cool game, Marsha is best.

thank you for checking it out 

That was great, it really got me in the feels too.

Cool game love the art <3 Mr Monster <3

this deserves a cookie 

Thanks for the video and checking out the game. Enjoy this cookie image 

I'm Chaotic Cheetos, lol yes 

cute lil game, with catchy art and absurd absurdness. game deving and creating stuff is truly something to live for 

very cool, I somehow missed this Ito story and was not spoiled. amazing creepy vibes and buildup, great game.

wow awesome game, each piece of dialog got more sinister as you go on, really cool.

hey, thanks a lot. it's a bit tricky to program the music and it just kinda turns out that way.

Cool art and story lots of love went into this.

Cool game, visually interesting . Getting the items to unlock the next area was fun and worked well. I got stuck at the acid slime and couldn't figure out how to progress.

this is a game about a pizza with a gun what more do you need really. Fun, and hilarious dialogue.

Thank you for playing. It has kinda an arcade feel once you get used to it.

Hey thanks a lot for the feedback, and for playing the game.

pretty cool overall keep it up

Cute idea, I like how you have to do the puzzles with the lil ghost wandering around.  I couldn't exit the application, I had to go to the task manager, very weird. 

Wow impressive cutscenes,  cool story. I wish there was more.

Cute game, seems kinda luck based but I had a few longer runs. Its so easy just to jump in or restart pretty cool stuff.

thanks for the feedback Hawk dude.

cool man thanks for the feedback. It is janky rpgmaker goodness and everyone knows it. The next time I try to this I will try to use a better method than the grid based stuff .

You are always so supportive even if it makes you sick :P This was fun to make.

ye ye Benny you rock thanks for playing it and for all the feedback, glad you enjoyed.  

ye ye I'm using MV3D it's a powerful plugin and I'm just trying to make every genre. Thanks Coda.

hey, thanks a lot Coda this ones a lil rough and raw. Glad you had fun.

Thanks it's an experiment in trying to make all game genres and I'm glad you like it.

Thanks a lot for playing both my games. This one was a lot simpler to make, and came together really quick.

Good priorities.