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Golden gem

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thought i might share a few picks from the development since we had more fun makeing this game than we did on any other bloo rat game even tho it was done in less than 3 weeks we hope you have just as much fun playing as we did creating it  lots of love wotring studios 

once endless mode is done it will first be added for windows android port will fallow 


i hopeyou all enjoy this free bloo rat game 

took a long time 

the game will soon be published on amazon app store thank you for your support 

(1 edit)

android addition in the works 


is out now

very limited physical copies for windows 

an all new edition of the game with pixle graphics 

there is a chance of a possible remaster of the game 

beta demo available now 

regarding the android port- unfortunately, there will be no mobile ports due to the size of the map we did try to port it but it was too laggy to publish the game works great on windows however no problems there stay tuned as always 

curse 1 finished now onto the 2end one stay tuned I'm editing a trailer for the game until then here's an updated screenshot

the official name for the game has been chosen!

this game is still in development not sure when it will be done

Lol randomness cool tho

Lol evil duck a good game!