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Oh, I immediately want to know what happens next. It's always nice when it's hard to choose a favourite cast member! I think..... Cassidy...... but maybe that's just the ghost hunter allure......

The alternate Sappho is a really fun worldbuilding detail. And how come Lirion seems to have the same mysterious problem you do ??

Excited to play more of this sometime! Thanks for sharing!

Wow this rules!!

This is so beautiful, and the movement is so cohesive with the art...! The part at the end felt really magical and mysterious. I'm glad to have seen this!!

I came here from the Zines and Zinesters discord! you got this done so quickly, it makes me want to make something for the jam too.

The aesthetic of this zine is really fun - I love the use of little pieces of text characters as a colourful decorative element, I feel like I haven't seen that before, and it works especially well on top of that sick Circe painting. The background of this itch page is a nice touch. I also LOVE (this is actually why I decided to write a longer comment) the links for further reading and your fiction recommendations. To me that kind of interlinking between stuff, especially online text, is always what I'm hoping for in online zines. Circe has been on my radar for a while, maybe I should finally read it... 

ahh this makes me want to make stuff!! I'm going to go try and do that. thanks for sharing!

ow! this looks simple and does a lot. I hope it is like this less and less.

!! I want to play this!! thank you for the playdough recipe :)

The section describing Flow of Play is short - if you're coming from games with a strong GM or a tighter framework of play then you might be looking for more guidance; what made this kind of play make sense to me was listening to people play, for example, belonging outside belonging games like dream askew. Once you're familiar with that there's plenty of structure here - the threat pages especially have a lot of tools for progressing the story.

I don't think I could play this safely at the moment, but ohh I want to see it played. This is a clear and beautifully written set of instructions for character creation, setup and progression of Threats. I spent way longer than I intended reading every bit of it, because every bit of it is aimed at the heart of the matter.

pretty! crisp! cathartic! full of cats and cool backgrounds! this scratched an itch to read. thank you for sharing!

incredibly tasty visual design, stark and gorgeous writing. this evokes the pain and anger of fighting against what feels like the world, and the joyful anger of seeing these struggles depicted and the act of perseverance recognised, themes that many games about trans perseverance strike on but that there's still not enough of in the world. I bet this will make many more people feel less alone.

I'm so glad to be able to download this! The drafts spoke a lot to me. This is short but imo perfect, and I'm definitely going to come back to it when I'm feeling stuck. Thanks for putting it up!


Sludgepunk Manifesto lives up to the promise of its opening page, laying out a genre of mutation, mutability and implacable, seeping, crumbling change. This game looks at the imperial fear of decay and imperfection and its proclamations of eternal perfect empire and instead of presenting an image of unassailable might says, yes! here is the seed of its destruction. it's short & sweet & got really cool visual design. this makes me want to make and play stuff based on its vibes and tenets immediately. 10/10 would read again


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I had such a fun time playing this. The photos are really well chosen, especially to evoke, uh, the salient locations in one specific tall lady castle game. That said I played this as someone who's only interacted with Resident Evil through 10 minutes of letsplay and had a lovely time imagining and writing about my weird monstrous creature reluctantly chasing after the visitor stumbling through their mansion, accidentally coming off like they want to eat them, and growing increasingly frustrated with the number of plant-beasts and decorative urns they're damaging.

The establishing questions hit the right balance for me between specific enough to inspire and to set up enough worldbuilding so that you don't have to catch up with it during the 'action' part of the game, and broad enough for flexibility. The intro text did a great job of setting up the Vibe.

It was late by the time I got to the finale, and I jussst didn't quite trust myself enough to set parameters for the final 1d6 roll without mechanics. I can see it really working, and if I played this two-player deciding it with another person would scratch the external challenge-setting itch for me, but maybe if I play this again (pretty likely) I will decide or roll for the die probability at the beginning based on my initial idea for the intruder, and modify it if it feels right during the game. My addition's certainly clumsier than the game itself, which feels like not a moment's wasted, and can be played without reading ahead.

Thanks for sharing!

aw, this is very cute. The art of the fish pond is very beautiful, and I like the formal quest-giving door (or narrator?). A nice game to have played just before sleeping.

: O that is so unexpected! I’m glad!

This came out the day I started my solo game! I’ll know more as the seasons progress and I dig into more moves and playbook progressions, but this was a very nice way to set up a character. I like the laputa and neurodivergence inspiration (I have a little square of satisfyingly textured fabric that I lost years ago and still fondly remember…). It made me curious what other inspirations you drew from! The little prince? Thanks for sharing this, I’m very excited to explore through this playbook!

I had a lovely time playing this game before bed. I love the way it makes you slow down and get into a good headspace to listen, to what the rocks are saying and also to yourself. I guess that's what pausing to breathe is for! The soundtrack is really beautiful, the art is lovely, and the light and shadows are very pretty. A tear was nearly brought to my eye. This is a complete game that feels satisfying, but I wish I could play another game like this, or come back tomorrow and listen to more rocks' stories. Thank you for making this so thoughtfully!

I like this a lot. calming and eerie, does wonderful things with economy of words, and I love collecting the photographs and getting to look back on them. thanks for adding this to the queer games bundle, I'm glad I saw it! I'm adding shutter stroll to my to-buy list cause it looks lovely.

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sick & definitely resonates w me. facing this worst case scenario like this is weirdly cathartic. also the main character n general design is really cute, it makes the reveal very unexpected (even tho I accidentally read the first sentence of the spoilers before playing... my eyes skip when reading, oops!). thanks for releasing this & adding it to the queer games bundle!

what a sweet game <3 I like the music and the mysterious pasta motif. parmigiano reggiano :-)

I played this game with my sister on a sleepy sunday morning - a lot of rpgs can be a hard sell to a tired newbie but this one is cute, friendly, quick and welcoming, from the drawing space in the character sheets to the adventure seeds to the bright and appealing layout. The revelation that there's three more of these plant adventuring minirpgs was very welcome. Thanks for writing this; very much recommended when you just want to get into cute plant adventures in a couple spare hours.