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just finished the game and my god it's so gorgeous. all the characters are so well developed and their stories are deeply compelling. there's something simply so uniquely sweet and there is a depth of compassion amongst the frankly APPALLING (affectionate) puns. A delicately crafted game that DID make me tear up at times. 10/10 meowraculous

ngl I know I've already left a comment but I come back to this game every so often. i'd call it a comfort game but it's really far too dynamic and intriguing for that label I think. (the worldbuilding!) it's honestly incredible that this is a demo and a first project??? hello?? 

also listen i'm enamoured with Reed but I promise it's not just because i was one of Those queers with one of Those high school friendships y'know? it's also because of how good your characterisations, writing, and art are. anyways, so hyped for your future and ongoing projects it's unbelievable. 💛💛

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yeah,,, morbid curiosity took me to dude's acc and let's just say it's not the prettiest. no further comment either way

oh, i'm hooked. what the FUCK

this is stunningly drawn and quietly devastating. the concept is incredibly beautiful

thank you sm for the comments!! i am to please - by which i mean write questionable angst!

so glad I’m able to find this again after encountering it on dashingdon. one of my fav wips atm. love love love this

Been following this ever since I found it on choicescript and I'm literally obsessed!! The writing is so vibrant and the UI is just absolutely stunning. I did have a minor question about the pronoun variables in the section "After another scoff, the Magesmith rolls her shoulders", that I just noticed while replaying but I might just be confused and sleep deprived! 

This is honestly such a gorgeous piece of work, from the worldbuilding to plot and execution, and I can't wait to see the future updates

found this again after encountering it on choicescript! love the amount of customisability so far! 

heya! just found this and gotta say I love the premise. can’t wait to find out more about the characters, esp Judda and Aeral (already halfway obsessed with them and the lovely dynamics they have with the PC ngl!!)

that's one way to get urself a himbo

oh my god ! ! ! 

what a cool fun game with no subtext whatsoever! 

oh, this is strangely sweet and i do hope that saying that doesn't put me on some kind of list. tempted to write an essay on how its a metaphor for the stress of social performativeness and link it to some deeply wild and obscure psychological theory. 

This made me cry???

I know it said "3k words, all sad" upfront but somehow i was very taken aback and quite frankly affronted by just how emotional this made me. 10/10 very nice

oh, this is such a powerful mix of lovely and sad.

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I... sad. I am very sad. This game has made me very sad thank you for making it

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I don’t wanna outright disrespect your experience with the game but your numbers are off and google is free. 

The humour is very vibrant and the first two endings are truly something. Did notice “he brought me flowers. I had mentioned to him...” & wasn’t sure if the “he” instead of “they” was a minor slip.

sorry but this interaction is so fucking funny. also using this comment to say that the game was very cute and i liked the blend of pixel art and vn elements very much but also don't feed cats lactose

oh this made me cry. lovely writing also. 

cant even make a demon game w/o the monster fuckers showing up in droves huh. i personally am not a monster fucker, but don't read this as a judgemental comment. 

because i AM a monster romancer. ROMANCE ROUTE WHEN

oh, this is truly gorgeous. I mean- it was disgusting, and even the most innocuous animation hit that uncanny valley viscerally enough to make me cringe, but I'm also strangely attached to the story and actually found myself rooting (hah!) for the two characters. there's a depth to both those characters and the moral questions posed that makes the whole thing so deeply memorable. and the interplay between the nature (hah!!) of the body horror involved and the contextual realities of the forbidden love, especially with the ending, feels like something that's going to be living rent free in my mind for a while.

overall, repulsive horror, visceral storytelling, grotesque imagery, somehow still so heartwarming it made me want to cry. 

never been happier to see someone getting their arm successfully bitten

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ngl i think in in terms of morality. there is no question. to look at even one of the horrors brought on under hitler's rule is enough, imo, to shoot even an innocent baby version of him right in the face to prevent it. the thing that gets interesting is the logistics - because 1) as it's shown here. it's not a binary choice - i've always found the utilitarian view to be lacking in consideration for human imagination and hope - (what if there's a better option that maximises everyone's happiness? what if there's a better way through everything?) and 2) the unknown quality of time itself - does the butterfly effect in turn mean that you are killing everyone in one reality? In that case, isn't it a sacrifice on a much larger scale, including some of his direct victims - and is it better to have lived horribly or to never have lived at all? is it right that they get no say in this? is it just another form of genocide to wipe out an entire potential reality of existence to give birth to a new reality? can you be selfish and live a whole life yourself before going back and shooting him? how do timelines work? are you establishing a new timeline or wiping the original from existence? what is the nature of the conciousness? what if you are you but drastically different in some large way? would you... still be you? if the circumstances around what you are is entirely different? who would have gone back to do the shooting then? what even makes something that is living... alive? and yada yada yada 

but really, if the choice absolutely came down to a clear cut morality choice of: shoot the cute tiny baby who will become dictator or live with the horrors you have allowed, with no possible option for education or change or *the other ways to make people vanish*, and the cosequences were straightforward and without those ripples of other sacrifices in a way that time travel rarely allows. (an entirely unrealistic image and totally not the question explored here in this game, i get it) it would simply be irresponsible not to pull the trigger - it's not a death penalty because the reasoning isn't punishment post-event (& ofc government sanctioned killing is always a bad idea but is this that? what kinds of power does this agency have? another whole tangled mess of issues, really), it's really kind of more of an act of self defence drawn out across many years with the intended path of aggression traced for you via reality. but imo to feign at morality by saying you wouldn't - i mean. how many other innocent babies were victims of his rule? why is he allowed more empathy - because his name and his face were recorded in history?

then again, i'm a huuuge bitch and i've had a weird day rn and i love to rant on and on about the impossibilities of time travel and predetermined destiny. and who knows if i'll grow to change my opinion based on new information? not to mention i haven't even found the space ending yet

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new goal is to keep Achilles & Patroclus alive & happy as much as possible at all costs. also not to show my hand but fuck Agamemnon i am determined to succeed out of spite


kyo my beloved

One-Eared Jerio my dear,,,