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This game has a lot of potential, the boss fight was great but maybe it would've been better if some attacks were only used in later stages cos after awhile I could reliably dodge all of them.

Amazing game feel specially the player's controls.

This game is really cute. I liked the feel of the mouse controls more than the WASD ones but sometimes the camera would make you stop moving mid-jump when you got close to the borders.

The art is amazing and the music also fits the game perfectly. My only complaint is that it's not very clear what those black dots are used for at the start.

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it.

This game is really good and the concept has a lot of potential. I also love the feel of the level 1 jump.

This game is hilarious but the hitboxes on the last minigame where infuriating.

Viva Bombcrest

To think that Sega wanted to cancel this masterpiece.