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love this!

This is great! I made a video about the game to help promote your work. Hope you enjoy!

hey, great game! the game speed is nice and the gravity switch is really snappy. Just so that you know there is a visual glitch that I keep encountering after respawning the player, it almost looks like a stretched out sprite sheet of multiple numbers that is snapping between points. only happens like 2/3s of the time though, so not sure what is triggering the rendering issue..

This is so charming. I tried to capture the spirit and tone of the game in a video, hope you enjoy! 

It's PICO-8 Touhou, what's not to love! Thanks for making this, I just bought the soundtrack so that I can make one of the songs my ringtone.

This game is awesome! I made like 20 attempts before getting this footage, and I'll be coming back until I take that W. Thanks for making this game!!

This game is great! Love the colors and atmosphere. I covered the game on my channel, hope you enjoy the video! 

This game captures the Jump King experience (PAIN) so perfectly I had to capture the joy (PAIN) of progressing through these kind of levels. Hope you enjoy!

why does this exist lol

This game is great! I made up a challenge run called "Turret Mode" where you can't move the player.

Sir, I don't know if you know the amount of emotion that you were able to pack into this game but it hit me hard when I played it. Thank you for making this. I make YouTube videos promoting indie developers and I hope this video gets your name out there more! Best - Taylor 

This game is great and I hope you vote for it!

After a few attempts, I cashed in at $23,889,698. You have such a talent for game-feel that I didn't even mind the gamejam graphics, this title kept me coming back. Hopefully this video helps get the word out about your talent as a developer!

I had so much fun playing your game that I made a video about it! For some reason my computer doesn't like PICO audio, so I ended up doing all the foley myself O.o

Thanks for making this title, it's pretty rad.

This game is amazing

This is awesome!! I made a video of my gameplay, and hope to see more from this developer.