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thanks a ton

I've been working on my game ever since the jame ended! I'd be thrilled if you'd check it out :D its gotten alot more fun imo

hell yeah that'd be dope

Yeah srsly the replayability is amazing, you inspired me to add alot more player feedback in my game(s), I love how you have the hit change the character's color for a split second, I love the cooldown effect at the bottom for the shooting. One tidbit from me would be to not have the orbs spawn in a place where an orb already is. Overall awesome!

The main game mechanic is super cool & unique and then the voice acting is superb, but the player definitely needs more control, and then as you move closer to the edge of the screen the background becomes visible. Hope those tips help! and way to go!

How do I play this? the file is a .7z, am I just stupid? lmk how to play and I will! I'm excited to try it :D

haha but fr I wasn't even able to play it cause I only have one xbox controller for my pc :( but you won like everything so I'll trust everyone's word on it :D

Your art style was spot on, and I really loved that you had game mechanics in your game.  Great job really!  The blood transition between scenes was perfect.

Pretty cool! I traveled into the sea and it was an awesome experience lmao, Idk why it was necessary to add procedurally generated terrain tho if your objective was in the town. Idk I didn't play it for too too long so let me know if I missed something 

Thanks alot mah dude :D I literally just downloaded love potion, can't wait to try it out!

Awesome! I'm so glad I can still rate the game :D thanks for letting me come show my project! And thanks for hosting this! I love participating in things like this and can't wait for next years!

Awesome! yeah that laptop will be more than good enough to run the game :D

rip the livestream

Ah okay sweet thank you! I thought it started at 6pm cant wait for the announcement!

I am having trouble finding the theme for the jam! Am I just crazy or something? Can someone help a boi out? :D

Okay well I can potentially come in and present it on someones machine there? I will make a game and upload either way

My development setup is a bit more than tricky to move. And I love game jams and will make a game around the theme regardless but will I be able to receive any prizes? 

It's kinda fun right? lmao

It was a bit hard with the fire button being directly below where you have to move

I feel abandoned

Shits really cool! Congrats btw and hope u win this game jam :D

Hey thanks a ton, ill be checking out your game here soon!

Thanks and yessir! I've played about 50 overall and so many good games !

Everyone starts somewhere, my games aren't much better than this! I hope you continue but quitting means you don't get better and make better games :D good game none the less

Thanks a lot man! I willd efinitely check out ya gme 

Thanks for the graphics advice! I'm still quite new and trying to figure out how ot make good looking sprites and everything. I'm gonna switch from photoshop to illustrator and I'll also use your advice you mentioned thanks a ton :D

haha thanks you a lot mah dude. I will definitely check out ur game :D

Thanks alot! Ill be checking out your game here soon :D

Thanks mah dude :D

Yo dope game mah dude, I hope to make somethign this good in the future :D keep it up!

haha hey t6hank you mah dude I'm checking out and rating other games as well!

Yeah game did feel short, I relaly did enjoy myself tho. Good game! I'm checking out peoples games as well and rating!

The graphics are obviously very very good in this game! I played your game and rated it, I enjoyed it and it was well built but I didnt' really understand how to play it, maybe just add some simple instruction? maybe you did and I just missed it. either way good game :D Hey thanks my man. any games I can chekc out?

Hey everyone I didn't think I would get close to 20 ratings but now that I'm almost there I think it would be fun to get there and have my game considered among Brackeys and others...if you wanna play it and rate it theres the link. If not no worries

Feel free to post your gmaes here and I will try to rate and play them!