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Good points:

  • Nice use of polygon art
  • Interesting use of growing/shrinking mechanic - that usually pops up in amoeba action games, not so much third person shooters
Bad points:
  • All the stuff that wasn't finished -- collision detection, deaths etc
  • It's a little weird that the character fires in the direction they're moving, rather than the direction the player is aimed at
Is that music your original property?
Good stuff, definitely potential. :D

Good points:

  • Fantastic concept. It's like Papers Please but for a democracy. Genuinely laughed.
  • Nice use of sound. It always seems to get overlooked in jams.
  • Soul-crushingly boring which I suppose is the point.
  • Pretty damn polished.
Bad points:
  • Font size and color make it difficult to read
  • That's about it

Very cool! :P

Good points:

  • Bit of non-diagetic humor here, love the deliberately horrible menu graphics :P
Bad points:
  • Evidently not that complete -- wasn't able to transform into a faster animal and move between platforms
  • Did you make the poacher's trimeshes in the jam period?

Nice layout. Am I missing something? I couldn't get any interaction happening with either version of the game no matter what I did.

Good points:
  • Nice original concept, ties into Growth quite well
  • Cool that you're using an unusual framework
  • Meditative gameplay
Bad points:
  • I'm assuming you didn't make the music in the space of the jam (will have to consult with Dylan as to whether that's allowed)
  • Animation isn't as smooth as you'd hope given the geometric simplicity
  • Game didn't capture the mouse despite using mouse control
Intriguing concept and I'm really interested to see where you could take it next. :D

Good points:

  • Looks like you were going for a stealth mechanic here. Neat!
  • Nice map layout.
Bad points:
  • Obviously not completed. Collision detection, enemy behaviours, win conditions and player guidance all seem to be missing.
It's a good start though! Keep at it :D

Good points:

  • Excellent concept
  • Really fun execution
  • Good use of physics

Bad points:

  • Placeholder graphics and no sounds

This is one of the most legitimately fun games I've played on here! Good work. :D

Good points:

  • Love the humorous art and quirky concept
  • You've got the actual combat down pat, which is the hardest bit.
Bad points:
  • Controls don't make a whole lot of sense to me, and not having keyboard support for P2 is a big minus
  • Having a visual indication of attack cooldown would be nice
  • Different arms mostly do basically the same thing

Ambitious! A SimCity tribute in 24 hours. Very cool.

Good points:

  • Isometric graphics are clean and crisp
  • Interface is reasonably intuitive and makes sense
  • More complete than I would have expected based on the timeframe
Bad points:
  • As mentioned by others, layering issues with isometrics
  • I would question exactly where you're going with the mechanics -- pretty much the only option you have is incrementally building more and more structures. SimCity works because you have to weigh up your options and balance different needs (transport, power, water etc). Is that where you are going?
  • What's the twist going to be? Is it going to be a straight city-building simulator or are you going to subvert the genre somehow?
This is very cool and I would love to see you keep working on this in future. :D


  • Good choice of font
  • Female Reaper is a nice twist. Only other example of that I can think of is Susan Sto Helit from Pratchett's Discworld series.
  • Writing is descriptive and nuanced
  • Final "sting" is weak as you've already made the big reveal in the game description
  • Entirely linear and non-interactive. This isn't necessarily a fault but in this case I think it weakens the entry a bit.
Good work.
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What what?

I'm keen to jam! :D

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