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thanks! edit: I did what you told me and it is no longer blocked but when I load the game it always crashes with a fatal error. Any tips?

I'll credit were credits due. You did very well with the editing just... Lose the loyalty free music in the background. Its cringey as f***. Thats all I gotta say.

Whenever I launch the game I get a "FATAL ERROR" message. What can I do to fix this? (If you recommend reinstalling it I already have).

Thanks for the reply.

Can you add the steam workshop to the steam release? I personally think that people could make amazing things with it. Maps, Guns, Npcs, Modes' etc. 

I can't play it. Any suggestions?

*Click click

Baldi's Basic EXTREME mode basically.

1 cent... 1 fucking cent. I cnt buy it hahaha

You are not able to play any unreal engine 4 games on Windows Xp for two reasons 1: Unreal Engine 4 only supports Windows 7 or higher 2: Even if /windows Xp was supported it couldn't run anyways due to hardware limitations of the pc that uses it.

Can you tell us how to open the console? I want spawn a ton of zombies.