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I have few days break. I don't make anything. Yesterday and today (morning) i make some progress in quest system.  AI is stil not ready. I think i don't finish this game in time. Like always i put some screens from gameplay.

So i back some eariel. I think unity pluggable ai will work properly. For now i have made only state controller for green cactus (for now he only have simple patrol and follow to player state). I must focus on some attack state. I ad to game trees with alpha feature (presented on screen). Ok i end for now. To next.

So today i don't show any screen.  Sorry for that but i focus on ai system. I take unity pluggable ai for this. I think i make simple enemy ai for few days. So probably i will put something new about project in sunday/maybe a litle bit eariel. So to next time.

Sorry but progress is very slow. I don't spent that much time how i would like. But new screen here - simplilstic main menu:

I must back to enemy  behaviours.

Ok so i have next day. I work on game today only for 1 hour. So progress is small. But i have few animated enemies (move only) and animated player. I put to unity project pixel perfect camera (it will look (graphics) more smooth). I change player skin fot other .

I will try make some different enemy ai and give them attack posiblity.

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Ok so lets go say about progress. So how i say i will use graphic and sound assets made by other people (available on opengameart ant unity asset store). For now i have done player move, shoot, some hog (player pet but i don't know why). Game don't have animations and any effects. I put here first screen.

I think i will have big problem with enemy ai. Of course i will try make it not that simple way (but maybe i make it if jam time will ending). And of course game will made for pc with windows (i think for now only).

The hunt will be short shooter/adventure game where player:

moves, shoot, set traps, hiding,, discover new area, serching quest items.

I will try use free assets to create "The hunt" (free sprites, music and sounds). I will try make one maybe two hour adventure game where player need think a little bit and must thinking about his ending resources (bullets, traps). I try meke some notes about progres . But i think i  don't make it daily. I think i can some breaks from "The hunt" project.

I have done  some features in past, so i introduce it nearly. The game will be created in unity. My english is not very so i sorry for that. For now bye and to next post.

You are right. Never ending pain in donut hell.

Why spikes don't kill hero. Some platform are not prety well visible and i must replay some levels (last one mostly) many times. Good oldschool platformer for me.

Thanks. The goal is to destroy city ore something like that (i don't have time to put some scoreboard so i push game without it). The gameplay  isn't very well testing - i think many things need some changes - but i don't know did i make this fix - probably no.

Hello i finish my game ( But i don't test it very well (i'm only tester). So if You like and have some time - you can play and give me notes about. my project. If you find bugs, glitches or You would like share with me Your opinion - not be shy and give me notes - You can put this information here or by send me private message (here or

Hello I'm looking to for some teammates. I'm unity hobbyist. I like programming in unity - i have made in this engine a few games. This is link to last one (without jams) -

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I think You are right with enemies. They have simple movement and they go in player direction. I thinking about many movement options but decide add only simply  (maybe if game will be more popular i will add new weapons, movements, more bossses etc).  I increase video speed i record other video with gameplay - but this video have normla (1X) speed and increased to ) .

 It shows 3 first map gameplay.. Thanks.

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Intense - i think not. For one -two hours it will hard in some way mbe. But after some skill upgrade game is quite easy. In menu settings You have 4 steps time boster - first is  slow - the next are some about +0.3 faster. 
In game isn't mutch difference did you won or die. In first and secend scenerio You gain xp and coins (if you collect any). I think first time campign should end anybody in less than 4 hours (with many not succesfull replays). Fo someone better - all campign in 1.5 - 2.5 hours (max).

Simply Top Down Shooter is  simple 2d shooter game where You rescue Hilion world from Dark Lord  hands. Game is ready for play Game is free. I'm wait for your comments and fedback.

Please put some video with gameplay. My old pc can't run this.

I think is posible won all game without any die. I don't put any randomies but i think unity physics work in non deterministic way (so some diffrences are visible). 3rd etap isnt't that hard na You can drop it by "E" click - if it is to hard.  And thanks.

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Ok so now i add two magical keys to game. If You press down "E" You skip trap part (You can skip all 3 parts if You like). Secon key "R" - restart game. "ESC" - pause game (but this work earlier to).

How many times You try "red path"?

bad nuts should be more diffrend from good one.

Yep i have white screen to. Intro should be on one screen and gameplay should be longer. Or maybe game have some bugs?

Great idea. But character contoll is bad. You add to him rigidbody or something like that. If yes change it or script them with more precision.

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Great idea. The game shoud be easier to play. Bigger nuts trigger or sometihing like that.

Thankd for Your feedback. Maybe i try decrese top down  part difficult. I have find some bugs in gameplay and fix them now. Btw i don't think the top down level part is that hard. Few times try and everyone can defeat this obstacles.

what was idea?