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I was in contact with the developer a while ago, but they seemed to have stopped responding. I'm not sure if something is wrong or not, but they were excited to release a new version, and they never did. I'm going to try messaging them 1 more time here soon.

Multiple modes, More exploration, Close to no bugs, It's on multiple different platforms, it has professional Graphics, Things like that. I Would Greatly love to see a "full release". Full Release Is more of a broad term, I suppose everyone has their own thoughts on what it is, I suppose I meant when you consider it a full release.

I don't have access to download the windows file from the Website Url ????

Can you help?

Do you, (Developer(s)) Plan to make this a full release, or do you fear it's too close to other games to do that? I honestly would love to see a full release.

I look forward to it!

Earth-2 community · Created a new topic Review So far...


It is a fully functioning game, in the aspect that it plays. However, the game itself has no sound, and the graphics tend to be blurred. This Game HONESTLY has potential, and I do wish the best for it. I will stay with this game and post reviews on future updates, but for now there isn't much to talk about. Possibly Change the game play style, I'd much rather play a game like this in open world with things to play around with, more weapons to obtain and things of that sort. PvP is still fun, but for future updates I would be SO happy to see more things to use and kill with. - Wolfie, Earth 2 - Version 9Mp Test, .05

I have many ideas, and I want to put them in a format that isn't overwhelmingly difficult to understand. BEFORE YOU READ: Please note that these are all suggestions from me as a fan, and that these aren't things I think should be done anytime soon! Everything stated in this post are long term goals, and aren't specifically described.

Tiers- Think of it like any ranking systems. For example, minecraft. You rank up your materials. Maybe it could be, in this game, that you combine wood to get "Tough wood", then combine that to get "Tougher wood". These upgraded supplies would hold up to the sharks loads better.

Or an alternate to this, as you play levels. I don't have loads of experience in unity, but I dont think a level system would be too terribly difficult to incorporate. This would mean, as you play you get xp for doing certain things, gathering materials, fishing, attackings sharks, building, etc. As you rank up higher tier loot starts to float in. You would also gain access to different crafting recipes. However ranking up would also makes things more difficult. More sharks spawn perhaps every 10 lvls, and they get stronger as well.

Food- I know this game is pre-alpha, so nothing is final but I have some suggestions for food. Fishing honestly shouldn't be as easy as it is in Raft, I'm sorry I have no suggestions how to fix this though. Food should also be available in more quantity, IE, different types of food and different ways to obtain it. For example spear fishing. In my opinion, there should be "water jugs", in which you could get 3 water cups worth of water in 3 different left clicks. Also, I was thinking you should spawn in with a bit of water and bread. This kind of makes sense due to the fact that you had to have something with you before you were lost at sea.

Enemies- short and simple, more sharks per lvls, and different types of them. Maybe a boss that appears every once in a while.

Inventory- The gui system as it is now, works however, it is not smooth. Some simple adjustments the inventory managment fontrols could solve this extremely easily. Ex. Shift clicking, right clicking to take 1 item of a stack, perhaps even change the stack limit to 25. One last thing to the gui, chests seem to not have a very high capacity, I see why this was done though.

Miscellaneous- Polish GFX, Polish Sounds, Polish launcher menu, Polish Shaders. Add third person views, add an "Options" tab in the menu and ESC menu to change sensitivity, graphics settings, and other random things.