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ReTech community · Created a new topic just worried

windows defender prevented me from using the setup so like um is this game secure is what i'm asking

10/10 joke

Autonauts community · Created a new topic Question

How do i edit signs

XD well i guess that is one way to trick someone in naming their town wet poop

at the moment just use the editor to permanently get rid of it just beware it may cause glitches with your save

well maybe make it so it backs up the save incase it gets ruined you know

Autonauts community · Created a new topic Storage

more variety of storage boxs like for starters a stick box like 50 storage and a metal box 4 metal 300 storage each and also sticks should drop from trees

Here is the save file 

i don't really know how to send the level or save file sorry about that

just bash some weed in the research station you will unlock the string maker and to get weed just dig it up with a shovel

none of the bots names are the same and whats a level is it the map and btw the save was transferred from 14


Autonauts community · Created a new topic Major bug

for some reason in the 15 version charger bots fail to do there job often on a bot that died mid action sometimes not its really annoying i have a bot mining a boulder non stop and it often dies and my fellow slaves do nothing to get that bot working again

you could probably remove it if your fast enough to sickle enough grass to place a simple flooring or something on the grass tile

i find it annoying when it takes me long to get somewhere far and the crude scooter barely helps so maybe teleportation if are character can automate tree farming in 1 minute so i feel like they should be able to make teleportation technology this may be a idea that is too op and idk if alot of people will disagree with me or not

lets just keep storage simple if you want to make it less cheaty and less expensive and less time consuming just a special teleportation storage would work cause yeah it would sorta ruin the game cause in this game your supposed to be lying in a couch to play it all about that automation ;)

maybe make the steam bot have a steam logo when the game gets released on steam just as a little Easter egg

i think he means the bot's code

Autonauts community · Created a new topic customization

what bugs me sometimes is that i can't really change my character to the previous version ones i'm fine with kermit but changing the character's appearance would be nice

Major bug when i was teaching a bot i had bot making automated and one of my bots put the bot into the storage in the middle of teaching cause the teaching screen to be glitched and i couldn't get out of it