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Hey guys, fantastic game!

I'm truly surprised how you managed to wake up something I haven't felt in years in any game: thrill.

It's not frustrating at all(in means of when you collide with an AI car, it's not hard a all to get back on track), the learning curve is not too steep and there's just this intimate, nostalgic threshold in steering that just feels right.


I didn't find anything that can break the game terribly yet, but will be reporting back if I do.

One thing I feel that is just a little bit off is the manual gear mode (am I saying this right?).

I feel like the low gear isn't doing a lot, it almost feels like there should be at least one more to balance things. 

Sometimes I feel like this manual mode might not even be needed.


I'm not sure if this one is just a bug or something that adds to the nostalgic feel, but sometimes when I fail a race while simultaneously drifting, when the game over screen pops up and the car stops, the buzzing drifting sound keeps going.


Alright guys, that's it, my finicky brain doing it's thing. The game is actually impeccable.

Things I learned in this Jam: #1
Spend more time elaborating the mechanics.

Haxe FTW ;)

What's your twitter? I want to follow the development! Thanks and good luck!