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When creating a list dialogue, you can choose to "Shuffle."

Also thank you very much for your kind words :)

The writhing witches are fantastic.

The innocence that permeates this story is really charming.

This is absolutely fantastic.

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Don't forget the incredibly simple but handy Bitsy editor.

This is a fantastic innovation.  Bravo!

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I mean, I generally have a very small window during which I can participate in these jams every week that ends sometime tonight.  So, this might mean my not participating.

Edit: Yeah, kinda missed my window. I'll see you all next week!

Created a new topic Yo, what's the theme?

We're half a day into the jam and we don't have a theme to go off of.  Just checking in that everybody knows what's going on.

Created a new topic Streaming Development

Watch me make my entry here: https://mixer.com/wjhollyart

My game has been submitted.  I'll update this thread again with a video of the stream once it is uploaded.

Created a new topic Streaming Development
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I'll be streaming the development of my entry here: https://mixer.com/wjhollyart

Leading up to the start of the development (in roughly 25 minutes) I will be planning out my game on screen.

Edit: Here's the timelapse!

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Alright, game is uploaded.  You can play it here.

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The game completed more or less on time (a couple minutes late, thanks in part to needing to take a 5 minute break to talk on the cell phone- overall time actually spent working did not exceed one hour).

Created a new topic Streaming Development

I'll be streaming my development from 12:30-1:30am pacific standard time here.