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William John Holly

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The imagery of the whale is really impressive, and the way the text and the music adhere to it really add up to quite an emotional piece.  Great work.

That is adorable.

I don't like to indulge too much in hyperbole because I feel that it waters down the meaning of hyperbolic words for the next time they would have been appropriate to use.  That said, this is a really beautiful, profound, thoughtful bitsy piece that certainly gave me a lot to think about and feel.  The way in which you managed to express this message so simply and concisely is a mark of true artistic genius and I'll certainly be following your work from here on out.

Haha yeah he must be using some real fancy pens and paper :p

Really well played.  The use of bitsy hacks to color the ocean environments were put to great use to really drive home the punch of the topic.  I didn't read the description first, so I was expecting something similar to Odell Lake in feel but got something much more atmospheric and meaningful.  Color me impressed!

Everybody did a great job. This was a fantastic project through and through.

That's actually a little above the highest score I've ever gotten. Color me impressed!

Hey there!

While I appreciate the offer I'm not currently hurting for any graphical help.  I'll pass the word on though.

Thank you again for the inclusion in your feature compilation. I always do my best to create games that will stand out from what is expected of a theme, and I'm glad to see it pays off :)

Thank you for the kind words and for the feature! I remember this feature when it first popped up on Twitter. Such recognition is a badge of honor in my mind, so I greatly appreciate that you have included Detective Gumball in your article!


I know that I would be able to make do without individual cropping, but I'm sure other people would be able to get use out of tabbing between images on the crop tool.  I think the main thing about the design that would possibly trip me up is if I HAVE to adjust the sliders or cropping differently and don't have an "Apply to all" button.  It'd be quite a pain to have to flip through each frame and try to make the settings match up.

Thank you so much for your kind words <3 I'm so glad it was good enough that you played through multiple times.

Holy moley.  I can't imagine how much time it must have taken to flesh this one out. Congrats on the output!

Hahaha, that's creative as Hell.

It worked fantastically.  I couldn't tell that you were taking any shortcuts and the navigation never got confusiong.

Also, I was going to mention Bad Mojo but I didn't think anybody would know what I was talking about.  That's a real deep cut, and I'm glad to hear people are still aware of that game haha

The whole time I was thinking "This is a really neat concept piece for innovative navigation" and then I realized by the end that I could have saved myself some time and thought "This is ART".

But really, though. Great execution of gameplay, fantastic end scene.

I'm frankly amazed at how good you can make a short game with such a simple premise.  Super well executed, great work!

I basically merged multiple animations in the game's data.  In the game's data, a tile's graphic is stored in a grid of 0's and 1's (0 being background color, 1 being the main color) that corresponds with the pixels of the graphic.  An animation is stored as two of these grids with a ">" between them to indicate that the first grid becomes the second grid as the game animates.  So, if you create a bunch of tiles with the animation frames you want for one animation, you can link the animations together like so:

The column of text on the left is of two tiles with 2-frame animations; the column of text on the right is the same two tiles merged into one 4-frame tile.  I hope that helps!

The title says it all, really.  If we could load in two images for animated tiles then this tool would be complete.

I just finished it. Expertly crafted, well done!

I loved this. I can't imagine how long it took to make a game where you navigate the dark like that in Bitsy. It's so effective too! At several points I was in fear of being consumed by a grue.

Really wish there were alternative controls.  Can't play on my laptop, which lacks both a right-click and a mouse wheel.

Very interesting spin on familiar concepts done in a very minimalistic fashion.  Got pretty stressful toward the end but it was still a fun experience.

Hahaha, this is wonderful!

I really appreciate the message.  From the other comments, I think people don't recognize that the gameplay is supposed to reflect the unfulfilling and cyclical nature of an emotionally abusive relationship, and so they're criticizing the game for being frustrating (which is exactly what it should be).  I'm always pleased when RPG Maker games can transcend the tool they're made with, and I feel that this manages that.

Stuff like this makes me think that there needs to be Pico-8 demoscene compilations.

I love this.  This is fantastically fun.

Ahhhh that was beautiful! Ahhhhh!

I laughed out loud when I found the spinning top.  Seriously, this is one of the best things I've seen made in Bitsy.

Not bad! In all of my testing my score almost never gets beyond 3,000, but Gabe (the graphics guy) has gone all the way into the 7,000's haha.

I'm glad you enjoyed it!

This game made me feel really sad, nostalgic for youth.  Making a game that can make me feel so much in one screen is quite an accomplishment.

:) I feel really happy that I got a PLANT.

I love the progression of the hopefulness in the characters as the player progresses.

This game is no longer in development, so it's unlikely more rules will be added in the future.

Re game pad issues: I didn't program this game to have game pad detection of any kind, and the engine I'm using does not have any automatic game pad detection.  This wasn't made in Unity, so it certainly couldn't be a Unity issue.

Thanks for the feedback!

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When creating a list dialogue, you can choose to "Shuffle."

Also thank you very much for your kind words :)

The writhing witches are fantastic.

The innocence that permeates this story is really charming.

This is absolutely fantastic.

Don't forget the incredibly simple but handy Bitsy editor.