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Thank you! I added it to my list.

Updated! Thanks for the suggestions!

Great suggestions! I've rolled these into the project. You can expect to see them in the next update coming soon.

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Post any bugs you see here. This is a pretty simple project that should be easy to roll out updates for, so expect updates as I find spare hours.

Known issues:

  • Not currently mobile friendly
  • Current processing loop has inherent bias toward north-west expansion
  • Red-orange hues are delicate and shift toward a magenta bias too easily

Issues fixed/fix in upcoming update:

  • Sometimes Refill on Fill starts a new generation before the previous fill has completed

Use these to download the frames to your computer. Be aware, the "save frames" will simply dump the frames one-by-one as downloads, and some browsers will ask for confirmation before allowing multiple downloads. If the "Save Frames" button doesn't work, see if a notification about multiple downloads is popping up somewhere.

Unless you mean the alpha colorizer tool, which I don't thiiiink has an exporter.

In either case, if you're having trouble downloading the graphics using any of the above methods, you can always use the PrintScreen key on your keyboard (or screen capture software of your choice) to copy the screen as an image to paste into the image program of your choice to separate into frames.

Hope that helps!

Hello, I'm W.J.Holly.  I used to make lots of Bitsy games before I became one with being busy. I love tools which make expression more accessible. I love seeing the simplicity at Bitsy's core blossom into creativity. I'll be watching :)

It never got far enough along that I incorporated that feature. If you want to save something you've made your only real option is to screencap the application and crop the sheet manually.

All that matters is you're here now.

Thanks for the heads up. I'll be sure to fix this issue in the next update!

Show off your boss creations!

Having trouble getting ideas? Perhaps this thread can help with some creative sparks.

I'll start with some basic ones:

"The Enforcer"

The Enforcer
"Gomer Bimpson"

Gomer Bimpson

Moonraker Boss
Moonraker Boss



It's a bit over the horizon at the moment and will require some restructuring of the current layout to fit the guard frames, but this is certainly something I want to implement.

(1 edit)

Here is a detailed checklist of what I'm definitely working on currently:

  1. Adding Barnacle Wilhelm, the Ubermutant, the Death Knight, and the Angel of Death.
  2. Add shoulder-rocket attachment possibilities for every boss.
  3. Add more content for the Hitler base to make it more consistent with the content available to other bosses.

Here are some things that I am considering and can probably be talked into:

  1. Adding Submarine Willy, Professor Quarkblitz, and Major Hans "The Axe" Von Schlieffen to the bases.
  2. Adding guard bases.
  3. Adding more special parts.

If there are any additional parts or features you would like to see implemented, reply here. Many of my recent updates were heavily influenced by suggestions I've received from users, so don't be shy.

It's on a bit of hiatus because I'm extremely busy with both a professional project and school, but it's by no means abandoned. I have quite a few plans for updating this.

This is super brilliant.

Maybe eventually I'll add a generator for normal enemies, but it's not on my list at the moment.

I followed the instructions here:

Haha, thank you for the thoughtful response!

Gabe (the artist) and I continue to collaborate, and I will be sure to post free games we make on my itch here or link to commercial games we create from my Twitter (@wjhollyart) or his (@gpriske) if you're interested in more of our work.

This game in particular was made very quickly as a prototype for potential buyers, Sadly there was no interest so we moved on.  Maybe one day if there is interest this idea would be more fully realized :)

Ideas like these are a positive addition to the world <3

The battery that you move is actually a non-wall tile which is on top of a teleport to another identical room where the tile has been moved.  It requires many many rooms and many duplicates of NPCs.  It is time consuming but the result is a bit more interactive than what is typically seen in Bitsy.

Which part are you referring to?  I made all of this without hacks.

I adore the writing!  Really cute.

I love it!

Well this sure simplifies the process.

Holy mackerel that is adorable!

A coworker made this masterpiece.

You're my hero.

A kid at the group home I work at made a couple on my phone.  He says, "How do you like my style?"

haha by all means post as many as you'd like.  I love seeing everything people are making.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand already I don't regret making this app.

A lot of complex emotions that I'm going to need to contemplate further.  I want to see more art with this mentality in games.

Oh lord this is amazing.

The imagery of the whale is really impressive, and the way the text and the music adhere to it really add up to quite an emotional piece.  Great work.

That is adorable.

I don't like to indulge too much in hyperbole because I feel that it waters down the meaning of hyperbolic words for the next time they would have been appropriate to use.  That said, this is a really beautiful, profound, thoughtful bitsy piece that certainly gave me a lot to think about and feel.  The way in which you managed to express this message so simply and concisely is a mark of true artistic genius and I'll certainly be following your work from here on out.

Haha yeah he must be using some real fancy pens and paper :p

Really well played.  The use of bitsy hacks to color the ocean environments were put to great use to really drive home the punch of the topic.  I didn't read the description first, so I was expecting something similar to Odell Lake in feel but got something much more atmospheric and meaningful.  Color me impressed!