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Thanks Bob, Glad to hear it ran without issue. I have never added customization before and thought this would be a good time to try it out!

Are you holding the W key to accelerate?

Awesome! The jets taking off and fighting off the jets were my favorite part of the gameplay.

I use inverted Y for Controllers but I did not know some use inverted Y for mice! Thanks for the feedback, I added a inverted Y option in the menu.

Maybe I made it a little too difficult haha I am thinking about slowing the vehicles down a little bit. Thanks!

Best physics ever seen in  a game, ever.

Thanks for playing, I love ship themes.

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I am the champion! That was fun, the shadows were a really nice touch

This looks awesome, I don't have my VR  plugged in at the moment but cheated a little bit by tricking it with my phone.

Haha yeah I debated making the character always sprint but sometimes walking is helpful


Thanks for giving it a try!

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Awesome! Secret doors, power-ups. The last fight was brutal. Great job.

Thanks John! I might add a sensitivity option just to learn how. I ran out of time so I did not get to add an options menu before the jam concluded but now I have time. 

Thanks for playing Bob. I do find Stormclaw to be a bit easier, but enjoy the bullet mechanics of Fury more.

I set breakpoints that use conditions via IntelliJ, with exceptions for frame by frame testing then I gdx log it out

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Very Cool! I am running into one issue though. For most planet types, exporting to sprite sheet the animation is very smooth (25 frames, 10 height) . For some reason when I create a star spritesheet though, it is not seamless when the animation loops back to the first frame. I thought it could be how I was animating it, but other planet types so far seem good. This is one of the star seeds I tried 3806918141

Thanks for playing! 

Thanks! It can definitely be tricky

Thank you! I tried to keep it simple as it was my first entry

Glad to hear!

My friends ad-libbed lines for it. My favorite part as well.

Thank you!

Thank you!

I am working with 32px tilesets and I am not sure if this character will fit in with those size tilesets. Are you able to make a few sprites available watermarked so I can see if he fits with the tilesets?