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A member registered Apr 23, 2017

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subnet_mac.swf is a file included in your download of submachine universe. Read the other file "Mac OS Troubleshooting.txt" and will tell you how to open it. I cannot guarantee it will work, as personally, I have had issue with this version working. However it is an alternative you should try. 

Also, i'll say it again, I, me personally, have never had any issues when opening the game using the method I previously described. In fact it is how I play all of the submachine games I have downloaded from Mat.  I have never had issues with them either. So I don't know what to say. I wouldn't even know what to look for to figure out what is different between our computers that is preventing you from doing things this way. My only suggestions would be perhaps check your version of flash player and maybe restart your computer.  I know for a fact, that left on long enough, Mac will has weird issues that will disappear when turned off and on again.

I can tell you right now, that's not supposed to happen. How did you try opening the game? Because , personally, I have never had that happen using the "Terminal" method. It does happen sometimes when I use use the SWF version.

I presume you are on Mac? When all else failed, this is how I got it to open for me, it might work for you. Open up the "Terminal" application. Then find "Submachine universe" in your files. Right click it and a list of options appears. Click "Show package contents".  A folder called "contents" should appear, inside that folder should be another called "MacOS". There should be only one file in there called "Flash player".  Drag that into your "Terminal" window and then press enter.  Submachine universe should start up with no issues. And then, if you ever wish to play it again, you don't need to do that full song and dance every time.  After your first time doing this, you need only press up while in terminal to see what should your most recent command, opening submachine universe. From there press enter and it should start up again.

So, as I perused your lovely game, I noticed something... a little odd. In the theories that litter this game, you leave hints for locations, but only ever at the end(presumably so people aren't forced to read theories). In fact, location coordinates are redacted in the theories themselves, except for one. In location 051 there is a theory that mentions the locations 947 and 553. The fact it does this is odd enough, but what makes it even odder is that all the other location codes are redacted. So, I have to ask, was this intentional or did you just miss these two in what is certainly a very long theory?

I had just updated  and I went to 629 via a lab portal and pressed the red button to go to 628 and all I got was a black screen? After resetting my save (All those precious hours, lost!), when I went back to 629 by the same method and pressed the button again, I was placed in front of the portal of 628. However, when I go to 628 first and press the button there, I can switch to 629 and back without landing in front of 628's portal. I know the the black screen thing is a bug, but how much of the second thing is intended?